AWeber Review: A Simple and Solid Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is a fast and cost-effective way to connect with new customers and to retain existing customers. You can create targeted and personalized Emails. You can influence people to choose your products or services, retain customers, and encourage new purchases. Email marketing is one of the perfect solutions for small businesses as you can reach out to a larger customer base in a cost-effective systematic manner. You need to choose an email marketing software that meets your business needs and your budget. One such company providing simple yet efficient Email marketing software is AWeber. Let’s check an unbiased AWeber review.

AWeber Review 2020

What is AWeber?

AWeber has been providing email marketing services for the last 20 years and more. It has more than 1 million small business clients, and the subscriber base has continuously been increasing. They claim to have invented the autoresponder feature. The main feature is their marketing automation.

Pros – AWeber Review

  • You can use their list management automated tool to create rules and manage your subscribers
  • You can use the email web analytics to track sales
  • AWeber has an excellent customer support team
  • AWeber has three mobile apps

Cons – AWeber Review

  • The pricing is steep compared to other players in the market
  • As a regular update of the software is not provided, few features and templates are outdated
  • It doesn’t have spam testing feature
  • You will need to provide credit card details to avail the 30-days free trial

AWeber Pricing

Almost all the features of email marketing are available for users who subscribes to AWeber. The pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers you need.
You can have up to 500 subscribers for $19/month, 501 – 2500 subscribers plan is for $29/month. The next slab of 2501 – 5000 subscribers, the cost is $49/month and $69/month for 5001 – 10000 subscribers. For 10001 – 25000 subscribers, the price is $149/month. In case you want to target a large subscriber base of more than 25000, then you need to contact AWeber to get a quotation.

Features Overview of AWeber

AWeber offers more than 700 e-newsletters templates for you to choose from. You can use web fonts to make the email look more attractive. Also, you can use fonts that match your website fonts to keep the consistency. Your existing database can be easily imported into AWeber. It supports XLS, CSV, TXT file formats.

AWeber is designed to take your RSS feed from your website and send it to your subscribers. You can schedule when such newsletters need to be sent. This feature is helpful in case you are a blogger. The Autoresponders are easy to set and effective.
You can set your rules as to when an email needs to be sent. The marketing automation feature is where you can design a flowchart of when an email needs to be sent basis user actions like opens and clickthroughs.

AWeber allows you to send three variants of your e-newsletters for spilt testing or A/B testing. The email analytics reporting feature is comprehensive. You can check stats like open rate, clickthroughs, and bounces, monitor growth of lists over the period, history of user’s past email activity, and more.

AWeber Integration

AWeber integrates seamlessly with cloud-based software like Wix, WordPress, CRM tools like Salesforce, Zapier and Pie Sync, and more. It works fine with a wide range of SaaS as well.

Customer support review for AWeber

AWeber phone support is available during business days in business hours. The email and chat support is available 24×7. The quality of customer support is excellent, and it has won an award for quality support provided. You can connect directly with the support team instead of going through form filling beforehand. It gets top scores for its promptness and efficiency. Excellent quality support is one of the best features of AWeber.

Ease of use AWeber Review

The menu structure is a little complicated to navigate. Some of its section is hidden, and few have multiple top menus. The terminology used on the website can be confusing for first-time users. For example, automation is called “Campaigns,” and emails are labeled as “Broadcasts.” Hence for ease of use and user experience, AWeber doesn’t get good ranking.

How a Small Businessman can Use AWeber?

Small businesses that are new to email marketing can avail of AWeber’s 30 days free trial period. The free trial is beneficial to understand how email marketing works and how beneficial it is for your business. The welcome video helps you quickly set up your account and guides you with your marketing campaign. It also has webinars, online guides, and videos. You can send customized emails to attract potential customers. You can choose from the 700 templates available or can design one.

The drag and drop option allows you to edit elements like text, logo, and images. The Segmentation feature will enable you to break your subscribe list into subsets. You can identify your target audience and send emails accordingly. The reporting feature allows you to see subscriber’s statistics; this enables you to gauge the effectiveness of the email campaign.

The deliverability of email is at 99% as AWeber follows ISP standards to send and manage opt-in emails. You can also include affiliate links in your email; this is a significant aspect of email marketing.

Conclusion – AWeber Review

AWeber was designed, keeping in mind the requirement of small businesses. A functional and straightforward email marketing platform is what AWeber provides for small businesses. The marketing automation feature is of good help for businesses that are new to email marketing.

The rates are comparatively on the higher side as compared to other email marketing software providers. But as the pricing plan is based on the number of subscribers, you can choose the plan as per your business needs. All the features are available for the users, and it is a simple yet excellent platform for small businesses looking for email marketing solutions.