In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best marketing strategies for barbers shops and hair salons to get more customers.

  1. Setup a Google My Business profile for your barber shop
  2. Request Google Reviews for your Barber Shop
  3. Setup a Yelp account for your barber shop
  4. Request Yelp reviews for your barber shop
  5. Link your appointment booking link on all your social media
  6. Publish consistently on your social media
  7. Pay for Google Ads
  8. Run Facebook and Instagram Ads
  9. Have a solid website with easy contact info
  10. Setup an automated booking system for your barber shop
  11. Accept credit cards for your barber shop
  12. Send text reminders for appointments and people who haven’t booked in 30 days
  13. Send birthday cards with free haircuts
  14. Incentive people to refer you more clients
  15. Go to mens networking events and meetup groups
  16. Drop off marketing materials such as flyers and business cards around your local businesses who can refer you customers