Best Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Most of us will be confused between bookkeeping services and accounting services. The terms are not interchangeable. Both these terms are completely different.

Bookkeeping means keeping a record of daily transactions, separating them into different categories and preparing bank reconciliation statements. This ensures that the books are tallied and daily records are accurate. Accounting is a larger term and it includes bookkeeping. Accounting shows the health of the company and it forms a base for your financial records and your expansion plans.

You can either choose to do bookkeeping all by yourself manually. You can employ a bookkeeper to handle the function. Or else the best option will be to get the best bookkeeping service for your small business.

Bookkeeping services needs to be chosen for a small business based on budget-friendly cost and ease of use. It should include categorization of income and expense, bank reconciliations, and should be able to generate monthly financial statements. Payroll and Tax return are welcome options. The most essential factor is customer support system. It should be able to handle all the queries of the customer.

Best Bookkeeping Services for Small Business in 2019

Let’s check some Bookkeeping software especially for small business. Review – Best Comprehensive Bookkeeping Service for Small Business

The aptly named service, Bookkeeping offers both cash and accrual accounting system and gives you the option of bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns. This is the ideal combination for a small business. The other functions include preparing invoices and bank and credit card accounts reconciliation both on a daily and monthly basis. It is compatible with QuickBooks online software. You can also store data securely on the cloud.

Bookkeeper Small Business plan costs $285 per month and the maximum monthly transaction limit is 125 transactions. The other plan is the Small business Plus which allows a maximum of 250 transactions and will cost $495 per month.

It is the ideal solution for small business as it has all the bookkeeping essentials rolled into one.

Bench Review – Best Cash Transactions Bookkeeping Service for Small Business

Bench is for small businesses for mainly bookkeeping services. To file your tax returns, Bench will provide information but you will need a tax professional to file your taxes. It can account for only cash transactions. Bench uses proprietary software for accounting purposes. It is fairly easy to set-up and use. It handles monthly reconciliation and financial statements.

It has 5 monthly plans. These plans are based on the monthly expenses of the company. The starter plan is for $119 for less than $1000 in expenses, Micro is for expenses between $1000 to $7500 and the cost is $138 per month. Boutique is for $169 and expenses range is $7500-$20000. Venture is for $209 with expenses limit up to $60000 and Corporate for $299 and limit up to $1 million.

The in-house customer service support team is highly specialized and equipped to handle all your queries.

Bookkeeper 360 Review – Best Bookkeeping Service for Small Business Using Xero

Bookkeeper 360 is ideal for small business that uses Xero as their accounting software. It offers the standard feature of bookkeeping plus add-ons like payroll, management of income and expense and tax return options. This is the ideal option if you have your team for bookkeeping. Bookkeeper 360 organizes and computes tax in an orderly way. It can work on cash and accrual accounting.

It has 4 monthly plans. The Bookkeeper 360 hourly and project plan is for business which don’t use Xero as their accounting system. The fees start at $1000 per month on a retainer basis.

Sky is $349 per month. The Bookkeeper 360 Space plan is for businesses that wants weekly bookkeeping solutions and is priced at $599 per month. Virtual CFO is for $1149 per month. It is ideal for business which need daily bookkeeping options.

Merritt Bookkeeping Review – Best Bookkeeping Service for Small Businesses using Quickbooks

Merritt Bookkeeping is ideal for businesses looking for budget-friendly bookkeeping software. It has a cash accounting system. It doesn’t offer tax and payroll services. You can use Intuit Quickbooks for both these services. It can organize files directly from QuickBooks to perform bookkeeping functions like bank and credit card reconciliation and creation of financial reports.

Merritt Bookkeeping is an economical bookkeeping service. The fees are $190 per month and it uses QuickBooks online for all its bookkeeping functions. It has an excellent team of customer support. The resolution is provided on the same day that the query was raised.

 inDinero Review – Best Bookkeeping Service for Small Businesses Selling Products

inDinero is best suitable for business that is into selling products. It keeps track of purchases, receipts, and sales of the products. It uses a proprietary system that is easy to use.

The pricing plan for The Basics is $310 per month and the number of transactions allowed is 50 per month. The Essential plan is for $525 and has a limit of 100 transactions. The Next Steps is for $1300 and the number of transactions allowed per month is 200. It has Payroll, inventory management and recognition of revenue under the Next Steps plan. The bill is generated annually.


The and Bookkeeper 360 are best suited for accrual-based business. You can choose if you are using Quickbooks and Bookkeeper 360 for Xero accounting software. The features offered by Bookkeeper are the best. It provides an all-in-one solution. Bench is for cash-based business. It is simple and easy to use. Merritt Bookkeeping is the best budget-friendly service. It provides all the bookkeeping functions that you may require at $190 per month. It is compatible with Intuit Quickbooks for payroll and tax filing functions. inDinero is best suited for businesses that sell products as it offers services related to sales.

In most cases, payroll and tax calculation is an add-on service. So the total cost of the bookkeeping service will go up if you opt for it. This needs to be taken into consideration while choosing the provider.

The customer support of all the above companies is par excellence. The software is simple and easy to use. These companies also offer free trials so it is highly recommended that you avail this free offer before you make your final decision.