Best Business Backpacks for 2020

Bags have evolved over a period of time. It is used by both men and women. From Trunks to Suitcase to Attaché cases to Suitcase to Briefcase to Backpacks, the journey has been a long one. There are over a hundred types of bags each known for its unique features and uses. Backpacks were in use since 3300BC. It was made from animal fur and twigs. Backpacks were mostly used in schools and colleges and for travel. With the advent of laptops and the need for additional space in the briefcase, the evolution of business backpacks took place. It comes with a specific laptop compartment and with additional space to hold other articles or items.

Best Business Backpack Reviews 2020

Let’s check the best business backpacks on the market

KROSER Laptop Backpack Review – Overall Best Business Backpack

Kroser is a smart-looking and uniquely designed business backpack. The bag is available in black color which makes it looks professional and attractive. It has ample space to carry most of your stuff and your laptop. It is surprisingly light to carry. It is made of PU leather and Nylon. The water-resistant material keeps your laptop and documents safe from any liquid spillage. The best part is its built-in USB port. You can easily charge your mobile phone using your power bank.

The bag can securely hold 15″ laptop or iPad in its padded pocket. The side pockets can hold an umbrella and water bottles. The multiple compartments in the front of the bag can hold other essential items like your wallet, charger, keys, papers and files, pens and more.

To support the weight the straps of the bags are evenly padded. It doesn’t make the strap bulky and at the same time distributes the weight evenly. You can comfortably carry it on your shoulder. You can also keep in upright on your luggage handle tube using the straps provided on the back.

For easy accessibility, it comes with a top zip with multiple compartments inside for you to organize articles and retrieve it back without emptying the entire contents of the bag. Backed with the quality assurance from Kroser, this backpack is a must-have for all professionals – both men and women.

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MATEIN Business Travel Backpack Review

As the name suggests, it is one of the best backpacks for business travel. It comes in various colors like black, red, blue, grey and more. It looks extremely professional and can hold almost all of your things needed during a business travel. It is suitable for both men and women.

It has a separate laptop compartment with a safety belt. You can fit in 15” laptop easily. Within the large main compartment, you can fit in light clothes and other accessories needed during travel. The front of the bag comes with an organizer to hold your mobile, pens, documents and more. It has a secure back pocket to keep your valuables. The side pocket is to hold an umbrella and a water bottle. The back of the bag is padded for extra support for your back. The padded straps are adjustable and ventilated for added shoulder support. The adjustable strap easily takes the weight of the contents of the bag. Due to this you don’t get tired carrying the loaded bag. You can easily slide this bag upright on the luggage handle tube.

The material of the bag is water-resistant Polyester Fabric which is durable. The strong metal zippers come with a zipper head that can be locked. This means additional safety for your valuables. It also comes with an external USB charging port. It is easy to charge your mobile on the go.

This is a super stylish and compact looking backpack with large storage compartments. It is a perfect bag for business travel.

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MANCRO Business Computer Bag Review

Mancro Backpack is ideal for professionals as it is sturdy, comfortable to carry and is compact. It is ideal for both men and women. The bag is made from eco-friendly nylon fabric and is water-resistant. It has durable metal zippers. They glide smoothly. It also has an anti-theft lock to ensure the contents of the bag are stored safely.

The bag has more than 10 compartments for easy storage and access. It has padded compartment to hold 15″ laptop. The main pocket can hold work-related things like documents, papers, pens, and A4 size binder and more. The front slanted pocket can hold small things like your keys, ID cards, small change. Small articles can be retrieved easily.

The side pockets can perfectly hold a water bottle and umbrella. In the main compartment you can also pack light clothes during business travel. It has an external USB port to charge your mobile phone. The shoulder straps come with “S” curve padded pads. It is sturdy and adjustable which gives good back support and zero stress on shoulders. The straps glide easily over luggage handles.

Though it provides organized space for almost everything you may need to carry, the bag is extremely compact. It can easily fit in the small space beneath the airplane seat.

This is one of the best business backpacks as it gives ample storage space and doesn’t look bulky. The design is sleek and compact and is available in multi-color options like standard black, grey, blue and red.

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All the three backpacks mentioned above are excellent choices for professionals and are the best business backpacks on the market. They are sturdy, water-resistant and come with a USB charger. The bag can easily and securely accommodate 15″ laptop. The back straps are specifically designed to ease out any stress on shoulders and the extra padding at the back of the bag provides excellent back support.

You can choose Kroser backpack if you like to have one main compartment and like to arrange all your things in the main compartment itself.

If you are a frequent business traveller, then Matein business travel backpack should be your choice. It has 3-4 compartments inside as well as outside compartments to organize your possessions and your clothes. Mancro backpacks can also be used by business travelers. It is a compact backpack that can fit in small places. It is also big enough to hold all necessities and clothes. The anti-theft lock earns additional points for Mancro.