Best Business Card Holders

Possessing a business card holder is incredibly essential for those professionals who have to attend business meetings, conferences, seminars, or events. Every person plays a valuable role in representing the business, and therefore a business card can be an important sales tool.

The psychology of Business Card Holders states that it acts as an extension of one’s style, clothes, and brand. A cardholder ensures that the cards remain organized in a convenient location and secured in a shut case. No matter how digital the world may transform into, the handing over of a business card adds a personal touch.

MaxGear Business Card Holder

Professionalism is the key to success in your workplace. To look professional, your accessories should match your clothes. MaxGear Business Card Holder Business Card Case is one such accessory and a requirement for every professional. It can accommodate many business cards ranging from 10 to 20, and it has ample capacity to hold around 4 to 8 credit/debit cards.

The product dimensions are 3.7″ L x 2.4″ W x 0.5 inches H, and it weighs a mere 0.15 lb, making it incredibly lightweight. It will fit effortlessly in any pocket or a hand or laptop bag or a briefcase. This Pocket business card holder has a robust magnetic ability and force, which keeps it shut, thus preserving the cards. The magnetic closure makes it easy to secure the cards and promptly open it when required compared to the buckle fastener.

This Business Card Holder has a superior quality stainless steel body covered by PU leather to give it a stylish look. The interior part being metal has a scratch-proof feature to protect the cards. It is designed with ‘RFID Protection Design, ‘ allowing it to block undesirable RFID scanners accurately.

Without creating any burden to carry, this can be a perfect gift or souvenir to your relatives, colleagues, or friends. In order to cover the risk factor, MaxGear provides a 12-month satisfaction guarantee.


  • Incredibly stylish and professional look.
  • It can hold a large capacity of cards.
  • It has an interior lining that is scratch resistant.


  • Choose the size well to hold different sized card

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DMFLY Business Card Holder

This cleverly designed DMFLY Business Card Holder carrier case will surely provide you value for money. It has a luxurious soft velvety PU leather material, and shiny stainless steel metal parts, making it highly durable. It is recommended for business people, office goers and can be gifted to people. The vertical flap makes it look classy and professional, and it is fastened by a magnetic closure proving to be more convenient than the buckle type closure. The case can easily fit into a pocket or purse or bag, and it has a large capacity, holding plenty of cards depending upon the card thickness.

Sporting a professional look will exceed your expectations when you know that the built-in ‘Advanced RFID Blocking Design’ provides a secure technology to keep away RFID scanners.

It is available in black color, weighs 0.64 ounces, and has dimensions of 3.7 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches. It is not bulky, and it keeps the cards perfectly safe from getting bent. The DMFLY Business Card Holder Case also has a scratch-proof quality due to the smart design.

Get ready to impress your colleagues, business associates, and clients with this card carrier that holds your business cards securely.


  • Very handy and convenient to pass on information.
  • This business card holder is exceptionally functional.
  • Holds cards secured and safely due to the ‘RFID Blocking Design.’


  • The inside top edge of the metal sides is a bit sharp, but it can be smoothened using a nail file.

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MaxGear Leather Business Card Holder

Don’t miss an opportunity to create connections during your functions, seminars, conferences, or any events by using the MaxGear Leather Business Card Holder Case to hand out your cards in a classy manner.

This compact case has a high card holding capacity of up to 25 cards. Due to its size, being 3.9 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches, it can fit easily into bags, pockets, etc. It is designed from supreme quality PU leather, and its refined texture is extremely smooth. This solid structured case has a sturdy magnetic strip that provides the automatic pull to close the case securely.

It is not only a trendy accessory, but it serves a convenient purpose of keeping all your business cards sheltered and prevents it from crimping. It keeps the cards in a presentable condition and quick to remove due to the magnetic hold.

It can serve as a multiple gift option for your family, friends, or colleagues.MaxGear guarantees all purchases by a customer by providing one year of after-sales service, 100% product warranty, and ‘Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.

It is crafted and made with precision by skilled traditional craftsmen.This leather cardholder provides the necessary luxury without feeling bulky due to its professional design and elegant exterior.


  • It has a stylish and secure design.
  • The business cards don’t get wrinkled.
  • It has a smudge-free luxurious look.


  • The side portion might get pulled out from the glued seam if not used well.

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The success of a business is primarily determined by the way one represents their company and the networking of a company. A business card is a portrayal of your business image. Besides advertising your business, a well-kept business card greatly influences your clients’ choices to do business with you. Therefore, cardholders help to perpetually keep business cards neat and free from folding or tearing and maintain the classy and new look of a business card.

The most important factor to consider is the case construction and the quality of the material used. Leather cases generally present a far more elegant appearance, and if backed by metal, it will ensure that you get a firm construction and a classic look. To prevent dust and debris from touching the cards, they are securely closed either by a magnet. The ‘RFID Protection Design’ keeps the cards secure. These Card Holders by MaxGear and DMFLY provide supreme support and comfort.