Best CRM for Small Business: Which one should you chose?

Before we dive into the details, let us begin with the question of what is CRM? CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software that enables you to maintain and manage relationships with your customers. It plays a major role in the growth of your business by helping you manage new and existing clients and thus leads to an increase in sales. It also helps in giving quick post-sale service to the customer.

Best CRM for Small Business in 2020

This list will assist you in selecting the CRM that best suits your business needs.

HubSpot – Best CRM for Small Businesses that has a Free Plan

It is the best CRM for a small business that is new in the market. It is very economical as it gives free plans for CRM, Sales, Service, and Advertising. There is no limit or cost to the number of users and contacts that can be added to the list.

It is user-friendly and allows you to sync information like sales records, marketing strategies, and customer service to give you an overall view at a glance.

The free plan does not cover all the features and capabilities of the HubSpot. To access them, you will have to sign up for one of their many paid services listed in the Growth Suite.

The paid version of HubSpot gives you the whole package. An app can be installed on your mobile phone. It manages your contact list, tracks emails from clients, schedules appointments and gives you notifications for missed phone calls.

HubSpot is compatible with over 300 apps and platforms like WordPress and more. It also connects to services that help you generate leads.
As far as price goes, the basic version is free. Once you upgrade to the Growth Suite, they charge $113 a month for one user. For extra users, the cost is $38 per user for a month.

Constant Contact – Best CRM for Small Businesses that is Beginner Friendly

Constant Contact is a well-known CRM software on the market today. It also assists in email advertising. You can save contacts with ease, manage information of the customer, correspond via emails and keep a track of your client’s interaction with you.

The software is not very difficult to understand. The reports are easy to read, every contact is provided with a complete list of activities and sending mass emails are a breeze. You can also set a time to send emails automatically and make sales reports. It’s the perfect CRM for beginners.

The software is also very compatible with other apps. Services like WPForms and others can be synced with Constant Contact for easy access to pre-existing data. If your business deals with eCommerce, the software is compatible with all the premium platforms in the eCommerce market.

The basic price of the software is $20 and is dependent on the volume of contacts in your list. They also have a $45 package if you want to add more administrators to overlook the software.

Pipedrive – Best CRM for Small Businesses to track Deal Flow

Pipedrive is a CRM Software that was designed for a sales manager. It is among the premium CRM Software that is available on the market today for a small business. Its main drive and focus is on increasing sales and constantly manages and tracks the flow of the deal.

They are known for their simplicity yet the software is capable of handling anything. They choose to be efficient and well-organized above everything else. It is not very difficult to install and run the software without any technical help. Pipedrive can also foresee any glitch that may occur shortly making it a very nifty software to help you grow your business

Every small business has one goal in view, to be bigger. Pipedrive helps you towards achieving this growth from the start by setting excellent tracking parameters and tools to use them. The basic package is quite economical and is compatible with a variety of apps and services.

Pipedrive offers a free trial period of 14 days after which you can select one of 3 packages to continue with the software. The silver package is priced at $12.50 a month. The gold package costs $24.50 while the platinum package is $62.50 per month. All the packages mentioned above are for a single user.

Freshsales – Best CRM for Small Businesses for Tracking Sales Calls

Freshsales has a system called freshcaller embedded in the software to make calls to the customer. It has many incredible features. Freshsales rates lead to a scoring system. It also keeps a track of the interactions between the client and yourself as well as the progress of the transaction. It does not have many add-on features like the other CRMs on this list but is great to track sales calls. It manages each client in a separate file and has space to leave feedback for a later review.

It keeps a record of the progress of the sales and manages the information on the deal between the client and you. It also updates the number of visitors you have had almost immediately. It allows you to sync your emails and keeps a track of your sales progress.

Based on the analysis of data collected, the software can predict and foresee future issues. You can also send text messages to the client via freshcaller.


There are many options for CRMs that you can choose from. But the deciding factor should be which CRM helps take your business to the next level. You need software that highlights the features which will give your business an advantage over everyone else.

Every CRM software you try is different. It would be wise to try the free trial before committing to any one CRM if you are not sure which one to invest in. The bottom line is if the criteria you want for your business model to prosper matches the features of the CRM, then that is the CRM to go for.

We hope this list will streamline your search parameters and help you make the right decision.