The Best Daily Planners for Max Productivity

To succeed in life, we need to plan. We need to set goals. We need to set timelines. We need to analyze and make any course corrections if we are going down the wrong path. Using the best daily planner will help you with all of this. It is an essential tool to reach our goals. Any successful individual will tell you how important a daily planner is and how it should be a part of your daily life. It will make your life simpler and you will have more time to stay focused on the task at hand. It will also enhance your creativity. You will have vital information when needed.

Best Daily Planner Reviews in 2020

Let’s check the best daily planners on the market today.

Power Place Lion Daily Planner Review

This daily Lion planner is brought to you by Power Place. The planner is of A5 size. It measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches. The hardcover of the planner has a premium leather-like finish. It is made of 100% faux leather. It is eco-friendly as the paper used is 100% recycled. The planner weighs only 1.19 lbs making it easy to carry with you. There are 2 dedicated pages for planning each day. On the left page, you have space for daily goals, top priorities for the day and little over half of the page is for notes and ideas. The right page is split vertically into two halves. The left half is for your schedule and the right is for tasks. There is space at the bottom of the page for the days’ review and accomplishments. There also 2 pages dedicated to weekly planning. The right page is for weekly review and the bottom half is for notes and ideas. The left page has top priorities for the week on top. The next section below is for the weekly plan. Below that you have 4 rectangular sections under the heading, things to make this week great.

You also have 2 dedicated pages each for monthly and yearly planning in a similar format. You also have pages dedicated to notes and contacts. This planner is an excellent option for those people who plan out things meticulously. This planner is highly recommended for businessmen, executives, students, and teachers. Overall, it is the best daily planner on the market.

Lemome Daily Planner Review

This 2020 planner of the week and month is brought to you by Lemome. The hardcover of the planner is made from look-alike leather. It has a luxurious and premium finish. The planner weighs a lightweight 0.38 lbs. The planner measures 5.75 by 8.25 inches and comprises a total of 224 pages. The small size makes it a perfect companion while traveling. There is a loop on the side of the planner to secure your pen conveniently.

The planner has a pocket inside to store receipts and other loose pieces of paper. It also has an elastic band for keeping the planner closed after use. There are 2 ribbon bookmarkers for finding selected pages easily. The planner also comes with stickers for the month. These stickers have tabs. This helps you to customize your planner and also access things easily. The planner has a calendar page for the month where you could make some short notes. You have dedicated sections for each day of the week. You have 88 pages dedicated to notes in this planner. You have additional information in this planner such as holidays, contacts, time zones and information of state capitals. This planner helps you to activate both the halves of your brain. It helps you to be more focused and also be creative. This planner is for 2020 hence it will be a great gift to give someone. Your money will be fully refunded if you dislike the planner due to any quality-related concerns. Overall, it is the best daily planner if you travel a lot.

Panda Planner Review

This highly popular and well-received Daily Planner is brought to you by Panda Planner. Panda planner has been awarded the best planner for small businesses in the year 2019 by Business Insider. A scientific approach has been taken in designing this planner. The application of studies in the fields of human psychology and neuroscience has made this planner a potent tool. It helps the users to be highly productive while using this planner. This planner motivates you and helps you strike a positive work and life balance. The Panda planner works well with all kinds of people. Business owners, students, teachers, moms, every man, and woman stand to benefit from using this planner.

This planner comprises of 3 sections. These are the daily section, weekly and monthly sections. The daily section helps you get charged with an optimistic outlook for the day and helps you to prioritize your tasks. The weekly section helps you to review your past week and plan for the upcoming one. The monthly section helps to set your targets for the month and organize your month.

The planner is made using very high-quality materials. It measures 5 inches by 8.2 inches by 1 inch. The planner weighs 0.92lbs making it very easy to carry in your purse or bag. There are more than 400K users of this planner worldwide. If you are unsatisfied with the product Panda offers a full money-back guarantee.


We have selected the best daily planners for you. It will help you to stay organized and productive. These planners are made with the best raw materials to give them a very premium and professional look. The external cover of the planners has a leather-like finish. They all come with a binding strap to keep your planner secure. Each planner has its style and approach to enhance your productivity. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks can be easily noted. Some planners also have stickers to mark out certain pages as per your requirement. These planners are lightweight and are of A5 size. They would easily fit in your bag or backpack. These planners are ideal for a small businessman.