Messy Desk? Try These Desktop Organizers

Desktop Organizers help you keep for workspace neat and tidy. In reduces the accumulation of clutter at your desk. It does this by creating more storage space vertically or laterally for your files, stationery, office supplies, computer peripherals, etc. It enables you to be more organized and systematic. It creates a positive environment for you to work in. It increases your productivity as you don’t have to waste time searching for things. Since all loose items are properly stored away you get more space to efficiently work. The workspace also becomes easy to clean and maintain.

Best Desktop Organizer Reviews in 2020

Let’s check the best desktop organizers on the market.

SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer Review

We often have the urgent need to declutter our work stations but are unable to effectively do so. SimpleHouseware brings to you a unique yet simple organizer that will do just this job for you.

The clever design incorporates a computer monitor stand and uses the space created underneath it for a pull-out organizer drawer.

Since we are able to put the monitor at an elevated position, automatically your seating posture becomes more ergonomic as your head is in line with the monitor and your back straightens out. This will eliminate strain on your neck and back. Eye strain is also eliminated because of your eyes being aligned with the monitor.

In case you are using a laptop the stand can house the printer or your router instead. The slide-out drawer can be utilized for storing documents, files, letters, writing pads, etc. The space on either side of the stand has two compartments each. These can be used for the storage of mobile phones, stationery items, a calculator and other knick-knacks.

The quality of steel used is highly durable and strong. It is coated with thick black paint that will prevent any corrosion. This paint smoothens out any rough areas or sharp edges in the organizer. This prevents any of its contents from getting scuffed or damaged. This organizer is ideal for your home or at your office. The organizer measures 20.25 inches (W) by 11.5 inches (L) by 5.8 inches (H). The patent application for this organizer has been filed at the USPTO.

Jerry & Maggie – Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack Adjustable Wood Display Shelf Review

This desktop organizer brought to you by Jerry and Maggie is a beautifully crafted green solution to clear the clutter of your workspace. This elegant organizer is made using real natural wood. This makes the organizer very robust yet lightweight.

It weighs only 4 pounds yet it can bear the weight of heavy items. It is made using eco-friendly materials. This organizer is devoid of any strong odors which may linger in the room. The organizer consists of 2 H shaped components. These can be rearranged and manipulated in many ways in order to achieve the desired storage configuration of your pleasing. The product is attractive and classy to look at due to its white wood finish.

The product measure 12 inches (L) by 14 inches (H) by 6 inches (W).The organizer can be easily installed using the provided screws. This organizer is best for storing your books, stationery, files, documents, mobile devices, a clock, and potted plants.

The built quality of the organizer is top class. The surfaces are perfectly flat and stable. The materials used are resistant to wear and tear. You can be sure that this organizer will easily stand the test of time.

This organizer reflects the spirit of creativity, design, and function. It will be a great addition to your work station. It will most certainly increase your productivity. This organizer will enhance the visual appeal of your workspace due to its craftsmanship.

Mindspace Office Desk Organizer Review

The Organizer brought to you by Mindspace is a very practical solution for your desktop. This organizer comprises of 6 storage compartments and it has 1 pull out drawer. In the front, you have 2 smaller compartments where you can store small office supplies like paper clips, staple pins erasers, etc. Behind these 2 compartments, there are 2 taller compartments where you can store your pencils, pens and other similar items.

On one side of the organizer, you have an enclosed pull out drawer where several small items can be stored out of plain sight. The roof of the enclosed drawer compartment can be used to keep a clock or some small object.

Right at the back of the organizer there a compartment for storing files, folders, and documents. The entire organizer is constructed using a metal mesh-like material. It has a firm base with rubber pads to keep the organizer from moving around.

The construction of the organizer is very strong and sturdy. The metal is coated with ABS polymer to give it a smooth and shiny finish. This increases the life of the organizer by preventing rusting and also protects its contents from getting scratched.

The organizer comes fully assembled from the factory, you can start using it straightaway out from the box. The measurements of the organizer are 8.7 inches (W) by 5.5 inches (L) by 5 inches (H). You can avail of a lifetime warranty for the product by registering your purchase online.


There are different types and styles of desktop organizers available on the market. The organizers we have chosen are the ones made of wood and metal mesh. The wooden organizers have a premium fit and finish. Aesthetically it looks very pleasing to the eye. The wooden construction is great for organizing heavier items such as books.

The metal organizers are lightweight and functional. They come in different configurations and sizes. These organizers are good for storing stationery, office supplies, documents, and files. There are some desktop organizers that can also house computer monitors and other peripherals. These organizers tend to have a black smooth finish. They usually do not need any assembly and can be used straight away.

We have selected 3 different styles of desktop organizers for you. All of them are of excellent quality. You can choose the one best suited to your needs and requirements.