Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

The importance of hiring the right candidate for the job is known to all. The right employee can add value to the company and take it to new heights. And an incorrect hiring decision will cost the company heavily. Hiring for a vacant post can be quite stressful. In today’s market, the attrition rates are high. Employees switch jobs frequently for a small raise in salary. Hence finding the suitable candidate and retaining them is a tough task.

With the emergence of online job posting sites, recruitment has become stress-free. You can easily post your job requirements on the best job sites for employers and then choose the best amongst the applicants who have responded to your posting. You must mention the job description and your preferences in detail to attract a suitable candidate for the post.

There are many online job posting sites. Few offer free job posting options and few charge you for posting the job. The investment is comparatively low compared to other mediums of recruitment. Few sites cater to all types of recruitment across industries and a few are industry-specific. You can choose to post jobs on general job-posting sites or industry-specific ones or both.

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in 2019

Let’s look at a few job-posting sites from both categories.

Indeed Review – Best General Job Posting Site for Employers

Indeed is the top-most job posting site in the US in the general category. It is popular with job seekers and you will find the maximum number of job seekers registered on this portal. You can either post jobs for free or choose the premium paid service. Paid service ensures visibility of your post and it attracts the ideal candidate for the position. Once registered you can use their tracking system for applicants, receive mobile alerts, schedule interviews and more. 

The premium listing will cost you $5 per day. You also have the option to choose Hiring campaign for customized posting. The price will vary as per your customization. 

ZipRecruiter Review – Best Single Advertisement Job Posting Site for Employers

 ZipRecruiter is ideal if you need to post similar single advertisements many times over. It charges you monthly fees of $249 which is much cheaper than paying daily fees. You can also customize your job posting plan. You can avail 4-day free trial before you choose this portal to advertise the jobs.

Mighty Recruiter Review – Best Cheap Job Posting Sites for Employers

Mighty Recruiter has the most economical plan for small businesses in the general category of job posting sites. The data from Mighty Recruiter is picked by Indeed and ZipRecruiter as well. The costing is a uniquely designed amount based on the number of jobs you may want to post. For 3 job postings, the fees are $189 per month and it costs $299 per month to post 10 jobs.

You also have the option to search profiles of passive users who are not actively seeking employment through this site.

Career Builder Review – Best Background Screening Job Posting Site for Employers

Career Builder is yet another site for general category job postings. It has the feature of background screening of the applicant. Such screening helps you to make the right hiring decision.

The paid plans range from $219 to $999 per month. 

Monster Review – Best Candidate Management Job Posting Site for Employers

Monster job site is equipped with tools for candidate management. It also helps you with job description templates. Unlike other sites, it doesn’t have a subscription-based pricing. For $249 per month, you get a job slot to scout for unlimited candidates. This job slot can be reused. 

Snag Review – Best Job Posting Site for Employers in the Retail and Hospitality Industry

Snag is the right site to recruit employees on an hourly basis. If you into retail or hospitality industry and you need entry-level employees or for house-keeping or assistant cooks then Snag offers you millions of such worker profiles. You can avail of their free trial or opt for a paid Standard plan. Standard plan will cost you $89 per job and you can post 5 jobs. It also offers customized Enterprise plan which allows you to post unlimited job posts.

Ladders Review – Best Job Posting Sites for Contacting Experienced Executives

Ladders are for those who are looking for experienced managers and executives. Ladders exclusively accept postings for professional’s job. You can post jobs for free and invite applicants. For a refined search, you can select the paid posting option which will cost you $397 per job post. 


There are innumerable job posting sites for employers. So depending upon the job description and qualifications you need, you can choose the best from the lot. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Mighty Recruiter, Career builder caters to all types of industries and jobs. 

The price ranges from $189 to $999 as the features and monthly plan offered are varied. You can choose a site that offers an affordable plan. 

Another important aspect to be considered is the quality of candidates. Popular sites have more visibility and attract good quality candidates. For industry-specific recruitment you can opt for sites like Snag and Ladders. One caters to candidates needed on an hourly basis and the other caters to professional and highly qualified candidates. Another job-specific job posting site is SalesJobs. As the name suggests Salesjobs is exclusively tailored for Sales professionals. 

Almost all these sites are accessible through mobile apps. Most job portals can be easily integrated with other existing apps used in your company. Most of these sites offer an option for free job posting or a free trial. You can register yourself for the free option to acquaint yourself with the features of the portal. 

A well-formulated search will give you optimum results to finalize upon a job posting site suitable for your company. In case you are still confused, opt for Indeed as it is one of the biggest platforms for recruiters and you can choose from 1000s of potential candidates. Since it offers free job postings, it will not be heavy on your budget.