Best Label Makers on Amazon

In the early 1930s, an entrepreneur named R. Stanton Avory manufactured the world’s first self-adhesive labels. Labels are required for various purposes. Labels may be used for any combination of identification, information, warming, and instructions for use, environmental advice or advertising.

Using a best label maker is required at the workplace and even at home. A label maker saves a lot of time by quickly printing labels to easily display what is in office files, storage containers, cabinets and more. This avoids wastage of time.

Best Label Maker Reviews on Amazon in 2020

We have mentioned below the best label makers on Amazon

Brother P-touch PTD210 Easy-to-Use Label Maker Review

The brothers P-touch PT-D210 makes amazing labels for home and office use. The machine is light and portable. It is one of the best label makers on the market.

The machine looks very attractive and works efficiently. The body is made of white plastic and has a label cut off lever on the right side. The Brother Label maker works on 6 AAA batteries and also on the power supply. Purchase the optional AC power adapter so you can plug it into the wall and use it where ever you like. It comes along with sample cartage.

The machine is provided with 14 different kinds of fonts with an option to adjust the size, width, and alignment. It has 97 pre-set decorative and functional frame options with 27 pre-loaded templates. You can use it to file and gift labels and even make decorative labels with the pattern. It also has a huge selection of basic emoji and an endless number of basic symbols. You can adjust the setting the way you like and can also save the settings for future use. You can store up to 30 label patterns for future use.

The label maker gives a lot more functionality and better print quality than most on the market. The fonts are bold and clear. You can preview your work on the LED screen to know how the label will look like even before you print it.

The PT-D210 provides a sturdy protective case that is useful for additional storage and easy portability. You can use the case to store batteries or additional tapes. You can even store the labels in it and use it on the go.

DYMO Label Printer LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer Review

Dymo Label Printer is a thermal printer which means the printer directly burns into the paper. You don’t have to worry about wasting money on expensive ink and toner.

The printer is small and compact. It is provided with 2 cords i.e. the USB cord and Power cord. The USB cord goes into the computer which has a USB port. One end of the power cord is attached to the wall and the other end is attached to the back of the printer.

The printer will indicate a blue light if there are no labels in it. It is easy to load label rolls. To use the printer on your computer you need to install the Dymo software. The software allows you to create a customized file, folder, address, and barcode labels. It also creates labels directly from text in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Google contacts with adjusting sizes.

The label printer prints 71 labels per minute with a 4 liner address labels. The printer is a time saver and keeps your life organized. The printer prints strong and clear fonts. The Dymo printer works fast and is easy to use. It is shipped not only in the US but also shipped to selected countries outside the USA.

DYMO Label Maker Review

The Dymo Label Maker is sleek, portable and easy to use. It has a large display. It works on batteries. It barely takes seconds to print a label. You can carry this printer anywhere with you.

The Dymo Label Maker makes customize labels. The different color label allows you to distinguish things more appropriately.

The label maker can be used at home or in the office. You can even use it as a post-it card. It can be used for naming things, organizing files, passing on information, distinguishing things, etc. The label stickers stick well on anything.

It has 195 symbols, 7 print styles, 8 box styles with an option to adjust the size in 5 different sizes and 1-or-2 line printing. The internal memory of the label maker stores up to 9 labels.

The 13 characters LED screen is clear and of decent size. It lets you see the font effects on the screen even before printing it. It comes along with LT clear plastic cast.

The automatic feature of the Dymo label maker is amazing. When the label maker is not in use it turns off on its own. It is provided with 2 years of warranty with 1 year of extended warranty.


The Brother P-Touch printer gives a lot more functionality and better print quality. It provides an additional protective case which is useful for storing labels and can be used on the go. The printer is good for making customized, decorative labels with a pattern on it. Touch is handy, compact, portable and lightweight. The printer is good for home and office use. This is why we feel it is the best label maker on the market today.

The Dymo Label Printer does not need any ink. It directly burns on the paper. It is the fastest printer on the market printing 71 labels per minute with a 4 liner address. You can keep your house and office organized with the Dymo label printer. The printer is easy to use and easy to store.

The Dymo label maker is easy to use, sleek, light weighted and very quick in printing. It prints labels in seconds. The portable printer can be carried anywhere with you. The colorful labels are attractive and eye-catchy. It can also be used as a post-it card. The enormous number of features makes it unique as compared to other label makers. Dymo label maker keeps your life well balanced.

Each of the above-reviewed label makers is excellent and you can decide which one is the most useful for you and get it on Amazon.