Best Office Phones in 2020

In this era of mobile phones, many of us still use a fixed-line connection at the office. The connection is reliable and economical. The network is good and we don’t have call drops. We need not spend on upgrades as we have to in case of mobile phones. During power outages, mobile lines will fail but if you use a landline phone you can still make and receive calls. The sound clarity and network is good.

Specific Landline numbers can be assigned to various departments and it the responsibility of that department to manage the calls received. People can only make calls using the landline. Unnecessary wastage of time on text messages and social media can be avoided. The productivity of the employee increases.

Best Office Phone Reviews in 2020

Let’s check the best office phones on the market.

Panasonic Bluetooth Cordless Phone KX-TG 7875S Review – Overall Best Office Phone

Panasonic cordless phone is one of the best phones for small businesses. It needs a single phone line connection. It comes with 5 cordless handsets which can be synced to the main unit. It can also be connected to 2 smart phones via Bluetooth. This enables you to make and receive calls anywhere in the office. It looks sleek and has a large 1.8-inch display panel. The panel has a backlit display. The base unit can be mounted on the wall as well.

The voice quality is excellent as it has sound reduction technology. This technology filters the surrounding noise. The digital answering machine enables you to access voice messages from the base unit at the office. You can also access it from your registered mobile number when you are traveling. It has 18 minutes of voice mail recording capacity. The other features of the phone include caller ID facility, call forwarding and message alert service. One of the unique features is the talking caller ID system. It calls out the name of the caller between rings. This is possible due to its text-to-speech technology. You can block 250 numbers using the call block facility. It can save up to 3,000 numbers.

The base unit comes with a USB charging port. The Intelligent Eco mode ensures lower power consumption. It automatically switches to Eco mode when the handset is near the base unit.
The link2cell facility allows you to answer your mobile calls through the handset when you are near the base unit. This ensures that unnecessary drainage of your mobile battery is avoided.
It is one of the best landline handset that has multiple features at an affordable cost.

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AT&T ML17939 2-Line Corded Telephone Review – Best Office Phone Corded

AT &T is a corded telephone. It comes in a combination of silver and black color. It can have maximum of 2 telephones lines. It automatically selects the line for outgoing calls. The product dimension is 6x4x8 inches and can easily be placed on the tabletop. DSL subscribers can also use this handset. However, you would need to use the DSL filter. It is battery operated and needs 3 AA batteries.

It has a 100 numbers name directory. It is also headset compatible. It has a 2.5mm jack for using the headset. You will need to install software for the same. Caller ID is displayed on the handset as well as on the Base unit. You can also enable call waiting facility. You will have 12 minutes of digital recording for each line. You have the option of setting personalized ringtones just like your mobile phone.

If you have selected voicemail service from your service provider, it can display the receipt of a voicemail on its display panel. However, this feature doesn’t come with the answering machine facility.

Price-wise AT&T is an economical handset offering all the basic features. It is a reliable company that has been supplying various types of handsets for decades.

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VTech CS6719 Cordless Phone Review – Best Office Phone Cordless

VTech CS6719 is a cordless phone. The design is attractive and the model is compact. It can be mounted on the wall or set on the desktop. It comes in silver and black color combinations. It comes with 1 cordless handset. You can expand it to 5 handsets easily. The additional handsets can be placed at various places in your office. It doesn’t need a phone jack. The entire keypad and the LCD screen lights up when a call is received or made. You can see the panel even in dim light. It operates on 2 AAA batteries.

It uses DECT 6.0 digital technology. It has a directory of 50 names and numbers. It also has a history list of caller ID and you can view up to 50 caller IDs. You can set speed dial on 9 numbers for easy accessibility. You can use it as an intercom between the handset and base unit. You can use it for conference calls. You can call an outside line and connect up to 2 handsets. The setup menu comes in English/Spanish/French. It saves 10 numbers for redial. It has mute and volume control buttons. You can use any key for answering the phones.

It comes with power-saving Eco mode technology. It protects the office from unnecessary radiation. It has interference-free units that don’t interfere with other networks. The audio quality is clear. It also comes with a handset speakerphone. The other facilities include caller ID and call waiting.

It comes in an attractive box package. The package includes the user manual and safety instructions at the base of the handset. The power cord for the base and 2 AAA batteries are also included. It has one cordless handset and charger and telephone line cord.

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Conclusion – What’s The Best Office Phone?

Each of the above-mentioned phones are the best office phones on the market and are excellent in terms of quality and have all the required features for a small office. If you are looking for a cordless phone then Panasonic and VTech are the best bet with all advanced features. It has the option of using multiple handsets as well. VTech is more economical than the Panasonic handset. If you need a fixed handset then the corded AT&T is a good option. You can have 2 lines with the phone. It is one of the most economical phones on the market.