The Best Presentation Remotes on Amazon

Presentation remotes, clickers or presenters are used to remotely control presentations on your laptop during meetings and presentations. During the presentation, the presenter need not trot between the podium and the PC. Using the clicker, the presenter can effortlessly control the pace of the presentation and navigate easily through the slides.

Before finalizing the presentation remote there are few keys pointers you need to be aware of. Make sure the size of the remote is small in size and can be held comfortably for a long duration. It should be easy to use. You shouldn’t be searching for the right buttons during the presentation.

Presentation remotes work on 2 technologies. One is the Bluetooth and the other is the wireless radio frequency. Generally a Bluetooth remote has a range of 30 feet and wireless RF technology has a frequency of 50-100 feet. The range is an important factor as better range remotes allow you to move around the room during the presentation.

So depending upon the setting of the presentation hall you can zero in on the type of technology you need in your presentation remote.

The latest models have laser pointer which makes the remote all the more interesting.

Best Presentation Remote Reviews in 2020

Let’s review best presentation remotes available.

BEBONCOOL RF 2.4 GHz Wireless Presenter / Remote Review – Overall Best Presentation Remote

Beboncool remote is a top-selling presenter remote. It is known for its sleek design and is available in black color. The body is made of ABS material which is environmentally friendly. It is extremely light in weight. It operates on wireless RF technology. The distance range is around 39 feet. It can be used by teachers, students, and professionals in meetings & for presentations.

Beboncool remote runs on 1 AAA battery. The USB provided in the pack needs to be inserted in the USB slot at the back of the remote along with the battery. In a couple of seconds, the remote is ready to use. It has a red laser light that is visible on most of the backgrounds.

It supports most of the software available on the market today like MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint, ACD See, Website, iWork, etc. It also supports MacBook system software. It is easy to navigate and has a one-touch button for slideshows. You can easily scroll up and down and move back and forth with the remote. You can switch between full screen and black screen. It can work on Prezi presentations as well. If you have a single image you can easily magnify the image using the remote.

After use, you can store the remote in the carry case available with the remote. The company has a 3-year quality assurance and provides efficient after-sales service. With all the above features the Beboncool presenter remote gives great value for money.

LOGITECH Professional Presenter / Remote R800 Review – Best Presentation Remote for Mac

As the name suggests the Logitech presenter /remote has a smooth professional look. It uses wireless technology through the USB receiver. It has an amazing range of up to 100ft. Hence it gives you the freedom to navigate across the room during the presentation or meetings. It comes with an LCD screen that displays the reception-level. This enables you to easily move around within the 100 feet range. The LCD has a timer to manage your time better. It gives vibrating alerts if you over-exceed the time limit.

The best feature is the green laser pointer. It is easily visible on LCD and Plasma screen and, also in well-lit rooms. The design of the remote with smooth contours makes it easier to navigate through the keys. You can easily navigate through the slideshow using the next, back, presentation stop and start, black screen and power buttons.

There is no need to install additional software for the remote. It comes with a plug-and-play receiver that needs to be plugged into the USB port at the time of usage. Once done with the presentation, the receiver can be stored in the built-in docking bay of the presenter/remote. It is compatible with Windows-based PC with a USB port. The 2 AAA batteries last for a maximum of 20 hours.

The package is attractive and contains a Presenter, Wireless receiver, 2 AAA batteries, carrying case and a start-up guide.

AMERTEER Wireless Presenter/ Remote Review – Best Presentation Remote as per Cost

Amerteer Wireless presenter is one of the most economical remote on the market with best features. The body of the remote is made up of ABS plastics which are environmentally friendly. It operates on USB port technology. The receiver needs to be attached to the USB port of the laptop. It also needs 1 AAA battery for power. It is compatible with Windows OS and MacBook. Once the presentation is complete, the receiver can be stored in the built-in docking bay. The distance range of the remote is around 39 feet.

It is easy to navigate through the small-sized presenter. You can easily locate the navigation keys in the dark as well. It is compatible with MS Powerpoint, Google slides, Prezi, Word, Excel, ACD See, website, iWork and more. The functions include Page up and down, Fullscreen, black screen, Red laser pointer, and 360-degree control.


Bebooncool and Amerteer are the top-selling presenters on the market today. The features are almost the same. However, Amerteer is more budget-friendly. Bebooncool supports MS office and Macbook software. Amerteer only supports MS office software.

Bebooncool is known for its features and Amerteer is known for its budget-friendly price and design. So depending upon the software you use and your budget you can select the best remote. Both the remote can be used by small businessmen who need to make presentations frequently.

Logitech presenter is best suitable for professionals and is known for its best-in-class experience. It uses RF technology. Additional software or drivers are not needed for its use. The 100 ft range, green pointer light, and LCD screen are its best features. Overall it is one of the best presentation remotes to choose from.