The 7 Best Receipt Scanners: Receipt Scanners Review for Small Business

Gone are the days of storing important papers and receipts in bulky files. Papers and files may get lost or damaged with time. Moreover, the physical space needed to store such files is huge. Retrieving these files can also be a cumbersome task.

This is the age of paperless transactions and the availability of free cloud space for storage of images and documents. Important documents, receipts, bills, and photos can be scanned using a scanner and stored digitally. This is excellent for a small business as space in the office is saved by not using bulky files to store receipts.

Best Receipt Scanners Reviews

Let’s have a look at the top receipt scanners available in the market.

DOXIE Go SE Receipt Scanner Review

Doxie Scanner is a small scanner with great features. It weighs about 1.18 pounds. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is easily portable. 400 pages can be scanned per charge.

It can scan paper, receipt, and photos. It comes with an in-built expandable memory to store up to 4,000 pages. The scanned color image looks clear due to its 600 dpi resolution. You can crop or edit images. Images can be stored either as jpg, jpeg, pdf or png. With its ABBYY OCR technology, you can search for words or text in the scanned PDF files.

It comes with pre-loaded software which seamlessly syncs with various computer apps and cloud-based apps.

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FUJITSU ScanSnap S1300i Receipt Scanners Review

Fujitsu ScanSnap helps you to scan and save receipts directly to your PC or desktop and cloud drive. It comes with an automatic page feeder that can hold up to 10 pages. You can scan in color, grayscale or monochrome. It can scan 12 double-sided pages in a minute.

The clarity of the scanned document is excellent as it has 600dpi resolution. The intelligent scan correction helps you with image processing, auto edit, and removal of blank pages. The OCR technology helps you create PDFs that can search relevant keywords. The model is compact and easily fits into small spaces.

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BROTHER Mobile Colour Receipt Scanners Review

Brother portable scanner has a sleek design. The length of scanner is just 12” and the weight is little less than one pound. It can scan single and double-sided pages. The scanner speed is fantastic as it can scan 8 single-sided pages and 5 double-sided pages in a minute. It is powered by a USB cable. It can be used as a desktop model without needing a wall outlet for power. You can scan in color or grayscale. The resolution of 600 dpi gives clear and sharp images.

It seamlessly integrates with various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can scan receipts directly to a local file, email and printer. The software supports desktop management of documents and OCR.

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EPSON Workforce ES-50 Portable Receipt Scanners Review

Epson Workforce Scanner is one of the lightest and fastest scanners on the market. It weighs under 1 pound and can scan a single sheet in 5.5 seconds. It can scan extra-long pages up to 8.5” x 72”, receipts and ID cards. This is a great portable scanner that scans, reviews and saves the receipts, photos, and documents directly on cloud storage.

Epson has Nuance OCR technology that creates searchable PDFs and Excel and Word files that can be edited. It is compatible with Windows and MAC systems. It can be charged via the USB port. The picture resolution is 300 dpi giving you a fairly clear scanned document.

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RAVEN Original Document Portable Receipt Scanners Review

Raven original document scanner comes with 7” LCD touchscreen for easier navigation. It is a heavy-duty scanner that can scan 17 single-sided pages per minute. The daily scan capacity is 1,500 sheets. It has an automatic document feeder and holds up to 50 sheets. The scanned document can be sent directly to cloud storage using Wi-Fi.

It comes with free Raven Cloud storage space for you to securely save your documents. You can create searchable PDF files using OCR technology. It has excellent document editing tools which can remove blank pages and align skewed receipts correctly.

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VUPOINT Solutions Magic Wand Portable Receipt Scanner Review

As the name suggests it is truly a magical handheld scanner. The handheld model can scan receipts, photos, documents, fabric prints, and pages of books placed on a flat surface.

It comes with a docking station. You can use the docking station to charge the scanner and also to scan. The scanned image resolution using the docking station is 1200 dpi. It has in-built rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery which can scan up to 400 pages. It comes with a 1.5 inch LCD color preview screen to check the accuracy of the scanned image. The documents can be transferred to your computer using USB cable. The storage capacity on the micro SD memory card is up to 32 GB.

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XEROX DocuMate 3125 Scanner Review

Xerox DocuMate is a desktop scanner model. It is best suitable for office use. It can scan documents in varying sizes including plastic ID cards. It is a duplex scanner that comes with a document feeder. The automatic feeder can hold up to 50 pages. It can scan 40 double-sided pages in a minute. The image resolution is 200 dpi. It comes with 9 different presets which allow you to scan receipts, documents, and photos at the touch of a button. The saved documents can be transferred to a computer using the USB port.

It has additional features to edit and improve the picture quality and create searchable PDFs. Due to low-resolution images, the storage space needed is less. It can scan 3000 pages per day.

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Conclusion – What’s the Best Receipt Scanner?

There are a lot of advantages of using a receipt scanner. All the above-mentioned receipt scanners are excellent choices. The choice of the scanner depends upon your usage. So if you have multiple receipts to scan each day then you can choose the Xerox scanner model for your office. You can choose the portable models if you need high resolution images on the go. Most of the scanners can be charged using the USB port. Scanned files can be transferred either through WiFi, and USB port directly to the cloud storage space or computer. All the scanners mentioned can create searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel documents.