Best Small Business Health Insurance Providers

The main concern for small businesses is health insurance. You need the right option for yourself if you don’t have employees. If you have employees then you need to provide them with health insurance. There are many insurance providers on the market with flexible plans.

If you are self-employed it’s easier to get insured during the period you register your business. The Affordable Care Act offers a 100% deduction on your premium.

But if you have less than 50 employees, getting the right plan can be quite tricky. Our list below gives you the best options to insure your employees or yourself.

4 Best Small Business Health Insurance Providers in 2019

UnitedHealthCare Review – Best Overall Small Business Health Insurance

UnitedHealthCare provides cover to small businesses with up to 50 employees. They give you the option to seek medical consultations either on your phone or online on a computer. You get a virtual doctor without making an appointment and their prescriptions are valid at your local pharmacy. They offer a 50% discount on services like dental care, laser surgery, therapeutic massages, hearing aids and more.

We have shortlisted 3 of their best health plans to get you started.

UnitedHealthCare Choice

This medical plan allows you to visit any doctor or hospital that you choose. It is an open-access plan that covers from two to more than 5,000 employees. The plan offers fixed dollar copayments, coinsurance benefits. If you visit a doctor or clinic within the plan, the cost of care is less.

UnitedHealthCare Choice Plus

Choice Plus allows you to consult a doctor not listed on the plan. You have to pay a higher premium for the extra cover.

UnitedHealthCare Options PPO

This plan gives huge discounts if you consult the in-house doctor. If you wish to consult a doctor not covered by the plan, there is an extra cost but not on the premium.

Humana Review

Humana caters to businesses with 50 or fewer employees. The plans they offer may vary from state to state.

The Simplicity Plan by Humana lets the employees decide how much they can contribute to the services as long as they use care options within the network. Once the amount is spent, the plan supports all other expenses. To promote your well-being, incentives are provided at no extra cost to your pocket.

The Level Funded Premium plan is for small businesses with more than 10 employees. It offers extensive health and pharmaceutical benefits as well as wellness options. The plan helps you save on tax and refund surplus claims.

Self-Funded Plans allow employers to cover the entire premium in one payment. This lowers the premium amount to be given by the employees. The plan also offers managerial help to the employer.

The High Deductible Health Plan has a low premium cost to the employees. They do this by charging a higher copay for clinics and pharmacies.
Humana Copay Plan charges a basic amount for amenities. If you use services covered within the plan, the cost is even lower. Yearly doctor visits are also covered.

Blue Cross Review – Largest Small Business Health Insurance

Blue Cross offers health insurance to small businesses with less than 50 employees. Since it is the biggest healthcare provider in the USA, they have many in-house doctors and clinics. This not only gives the employees easy access to medical care but also gives it at a discounted rate too. Blue365 is a wellness program with rebates on health products. WalkingWorks is an app to track fitness levels and exercise routines which you get with the Blue Cross plan.

Blue Cross has a very wide network of pharmacies covered by their plans. With over 30 options to choose from, employees can opt for various sub-plans with the least cost to themselves. They can also choose the amount they can afford to co-pay and apply for coinsurance.

Blue Cross also has the option of consulting a doctor via a phone call or through an online appointment. It also has a huge network of pharmacies and easy payment options.

The plans and cover they provide vary from state to state.

Aetna Review

Like all the insurance providers listed above, Aetna offers cover to businesses with less than 50 workers. Since it is among the biggest names in the insurance game, they have several plans and coverage options. These vary from state to state.

We have narrowed the list to 3 of their best plans to help you decide.

The Open Choice Plan

As the name suggests, you can choose which doctor or clinic to visit. However, it will cost you less if you go to a doctor or clinic covered by the plan. Another bonus is not needing an appointment to consult within the network. The plan gives you the freedom to visit specialists but the cost will be higher if the doctor or health facility is not covered by the plan.

Traditional Choice Health Insurance Plan

This plan gives you the freedom to consult any doctor or clinic without any recommendation. But you will need to get consent from the insurance provider before any procedure. The Benefits Summary page details the services that are covered in your plan. The idea behind this plan is after you pay the doctor or clinic for their services, you apply for a claim with Aetna and the money is refunded back to you.

Aetna HealthFund One-to-one Employer Overview

After a plan is chosen, it is bundled with a health fund or a savings account to lower the copay cost to the employee. Employers get a tax rebate and no tax is charged from the employees.


We hope our list of the 4 best small business health insurance providers in 2019 helps you to save time and effort in selecting a plan that is most compatible with your needs and budget while keeping the welfare of your employees in mind. Make sure that you opt for a good health plan with a reputed small business health insurance provider so that you don’t have to worry about medical expenses. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your business.