Best Security Camera Systems for Small Businesses in 2020

Small business security cameras are an invaluable tool to keep your property and family safe. It acts as a deterrent to any unlawful entry in your property. It also helps you to monitor your business in real-time. This helps you to take prompt and effective action. It can help in providing evidence to law enforcement after a break-in or burglary. It also gives you the ability to answer the door and talk to a visitor even if you are not around. A security camera may also alert you in case of an accident or calamity at your property. In case of any such event, you can alert emergency services.

Best Small Business Security Cameras Reviews in 2020

Let’s check the best small business security cameras on the market.

AREBI Spy Camera Review

The AREBI security camcorder is a 1080p HD recording WIFI spy camera. The base of the camera has a magnet so it can be affixed easily on almost any metal surface. It has a 150° wide-angle lens which gives the camera a large field of view. There is a QR code on the packaging to verify the authenticity of the product.

Once you have downloaded the app on your android or apple phone you need to configure the camera on your WIFI network via your 2.4 GHz router. Once you have completed this, you can access your camera in real-time anywhere on earth. The camera can also record feed on an SD card in a loop.

You can keep your home, office or any area you choose under surveillance. It also can monitor your kids while you are away. The camera has a USB style charging port. The 300mAh battery allows the device to stay on for 1 hour. However, you can connect the device to a charger so that it can provide an uninterrupted feed. The camera can also record at night. The infrared light source is not easily detectable hence the camera covertly operates at night. An area of 5 meters is easily visible to the camera in the dark. The camera has a motion detector. If any motion is detected it will automatically send images to your mobile phone. Overall, it is one of the best small business security cameras on the market.

YI 1080p Camera Review

The YI is a security camera that can be used at your home or office. You will need to download the mobile app and connect the camera to your home network using the App. After this, you can set up the camera at the desired location for monitoring. The YI camera has a 112° field of view which helps it monitor a greater area. It has an F/2.0 camera aperture. The video feed is recorded at 1080p HD at 15 FPS. This enables crystal clear picture quality. It has a 2 directional audio system where the camera can pick up sound like a mic and also function as a speaker. This enables you to talk to someone at home through the camera from a remote location. The camera has a technologically advanced smart motion detector and activity detection system. The camera can detect movement in its field of view or on hearing sounds like the crying of a baby. Once detected it will send a notification with images to the user on their mobile phone. There are 8 infrared bulbs that automatically turn on in low light enabling clear nighttime visibility. You have the ability to access the camera on the App remotely at any point in time. You can also share the feed with 5 people of your choice. You can choose the cloud storage facilities offered by YI for storing the video feed for a fee. There is an optional emergency response service powered by Noonlight which can help you 24/7 in the time of an emergency such as fire or burglary. Overall, it is one of the best small business security cameras for night monitoring.

All-new Blink XT2 Review

The Blink XT2 is an Indoor/Outdoor security camera brought to you by Blink Home Security which is an Amazon Company. The camera lens has 110° area coverage. There are 2 AA lithium batteries provided with the camera. It will power the device for 2 years.

The blue LED light will let you know that the device is powered on. The camera records HD 1080p quality video at 30FPS. This ensures extremely clear video recording. The camera also has the night vision capability to record infrared HD quality. The camera also comes with a motion sensor. You can talk and listen to any visitors remotely using the Blink App. You can select activity zones areas in the App. In the event of any activity detected in these zones, you will receive notification alerts. This security camera is compatible with Alexa. You can give commands through Alexa devices.
One of the best features of this camera is that it comes with free cloud storage. The camera can be used safely outdoors as it is water-resistant. The product is very simple to install. No professional help is required. All you need to do is download the Blink App and configure the camera with your WIFI. After that, you are good to go. You can install this camera at your office or home to keep watch over your valuables and loved ones. This camera is backed by Amazon and it comes with a warranty for 1 year.


We have selected some awesome innovative security cameras for you. All these cameras are excellent for indoor and outdoor monitoring. These cameras have a large field of view due to a wide-angle lens. They have motion sensors that detect movement after which a notification with images can be sent to your mobile phone. These cameras have the ability to record in High Definition 1080p. These cameras can also record clearly at night. There are 2 storage options for saving the video feed, these are SD card storage and cloud storage. Storage in the SD card is limited to the card size. Cloud storage is unlimited. You need to download the app for the camera to view the camera feed and access settings. Once you install these cameras you will have peace of mind by knowing that your business is secure.