Best Standing Desk Converter of 2020

Do you often feel chained to your chair while you work? Would you like to stand up and work? Is this even possible without changing the current desk? Yes, this can be done easily with a standing desk converter. Let’s check what the Best Standing Desk Converter is, on the market.

What is a standing desk convertor – These are adjustable units which can be placed on top of your desk. It enables you to place your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals on the various tray these units have. It is also known as desktop risers or toppers.

The standing desk converter gives you the option to stand and work without getting rid of the current desk. Your height, computing equipment, space, and budget are things that you need to consider before you zero-in on one buy. Once you have assessed the above, you can buy a model with the best ergonomics, range of adjustments, the best quality of materials used, and innovative and sleek design.

Best Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Let’s take a look at the best standing desk converter in 2020.

VIVO Black Standing Desk Converter Review

You can relieve the muscle tension, reduce stress, and increase productivity as VIVO black 32 inches standing desk converter gives you the freedom to stand and work. The desk converter is made from high-quality steel, and it supports weight up to 33 pounds. It can hold multiple monitors or laptops and its peripherals easily. The ergonomic design helps transitioning between the option to sit or stand effortlessly.

You can adjust height vertically; it gives you the height range of 4.2” to 197”. The two-tiered design of the converter gives you the option to customize your workspace. The monitor tray measures 31.5” x 15.7,” which enables you to place two monitors as well.

The removable keyboard is 31.3” x 11.8” and can be raised to be in sync with the monitor tray. The base dimension is 30” x 16”. You can easily mount it on the table, and it can be fully collapsed for easy storage and portability. The desktop converter has an anti-slip pad to ensure it remains safe on the table surface, and it prevents any scratches caused due to friction on the surface. It is the Best Standing Desk Converter overall.


  • The pneumatic spring lift allows effortless height adjustment with simple touch lock mechanism
  • The keyboard tray can be removed if needed using the hex tool. The tool is included in the pack
  • You only need to fix the keyboard tray rest of it is pre-assembled
  • The Vivo standing converter has an accessory slot. You can keep writing pads or notebooks, mobile phones and more


  • The converter is available in black color

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RIF6 37.4 inches Adjustable Height Desk Convertor Review

The X-Frame design of RIF6 is sure to grab your attention. The monitor tray is big enough to hold two moderate size monitors with ease. The stunning black color steel convertor blends well with any room décor. The steel base has surface protectors, which ensures the convertor doesn’t skid on a smooth table surface.

The monitor tray is 37.4 x 24.21 inches in size and can hold up to 33 pounds. The keyboard tray measures 37.2 x 11.8 inches. The ergonomic design of the large keyboard ensures comfortable fit and support for your shoulders, neck joint, arms, and wrists.

The pneumatic gas lift ensures a smooth vertical movement of the converter. The handle is easy to adjust, as well. It can extend from 4.3 to 19.9 inches. Hence RIF6 is ideal for users of different heights. You can choose to either sit or stand and use the converter. You have a particular slot to keep your mobile phone or tablet securely on the convertor. It is the Best Standing Desk Converter in terms of design.


  • The gas spring lift ensures smooth height adjustment of the convertor
  • The cable wire can be inserted through a cable hole and fixed with an adhesive clip. You will not find any loose cable wire hanging
  • It has a high-grade melamine surface. It will protect against any dents, scratches or staining


  • The keyboard tray can be removed, but it can’t be pushed back in case you want to use a laptop. At times the large keyboard tray causes hindrance

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JENOSWEIN Standing Desk Converter Review

Jenoswein is a simple sturdy and economical standing desk converter. You can adjust the height from 2.2 inches when you sit down to 16.1 inches when you stand. Hence this is the most comfortable Desk converter to use for users with various height. Jenoswein is ideal for a simple monitor and its peripherals.

The top monitor surface is 25.6 x 18.5 inches. It is ideal to fit in your monitor and its peripherals or your laptop. The small size gives you extra space on the tabletop to accommodate things like notepad, mobile phones, and things needed by you.

You can easily control the height by the press of a handle. The height adjustment mechanism uses Gas spring hovering system, and the transition from sitting position to standing position is easy. Though Jenoswein is a compact model of desk convertor, it is sturdily built and holds up around 22 pounds of weight effortlessly. For first time users, it is easy to adjust to the converter as it doesn’t need any assembling of parts. It is the Best Standing Desk Converter in terms of price.


  • Zero assembling needed
  • Jenoswein allows you to sit and work comfortably as well. The minimum height can be adjusted to 2.2 inches


  • The monitor tray can accommodate only one unit or monitor
  • There is no separate tray for the keyboard. Hence the keyboard and the monitor needs to be kept on the same tray

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All the above three Desk converters are sturdy and offer value for money. Vivo and RIF6 can accommodate two monitors or laptops and its peripherals. Hence it would be best suited in case you need to use two screens.

Jenoswein is comparatively small and can hold one monitor. It is quite compact. However, the variation of height lift is best offered by Jenoswein.

Both Vivo and RIF6 can hold a maximum load of approximately 33 pounds, and Jenoswein can accommodate up to 22 pounds. All three are ergonomically designed and helps your posture and promote good health.