Best Standing Desks in 2020

A stand-up desk or commonly known as a standing desk is a desk that lets you work comfortably, while standing up. It usually allows adjusting the height to suit the user’s comfort. Height of the desk can be set to low so you can work on it while sitting down. And it can be adjusted to elevate your computer higher up, so you can work while standing up.

best standing desks

Why should I use a standing desk?

While we understand that you have a perfectly good desk that allows you to sit and finish your work in great comfort, it is also necessary to pay heed to the harmful effects that sitting for too long can have on your body. Sitting for prolonged hours can lead to a sedentary lifestyle which eventually leads to obesity. Obesity brings with it, its own set of related health issues.

How will using a standing desk benefit me?

Research has confirmed that sitting for long can lead an increased risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Using a standing desk can help lower the blood sugar level. Sitting for long hours is one of the leading causes of backache. Standing while working also helps to reduce chronic back pain. Studies have shown that standing while working keeps your mood great and your energy levels stay high as you don’t experience lethargy while standing. This helps improve overall productivity.

We have shortlisted the top four standing desks that will work wonders for your productivity and health.

VIVO Stand up Desk Converter (VIVO’s DESK-V000V) Review

VIVO’s DESK-V000V has an ergonomic design. Using this standing desk will still give you the comfort of a spacious desk as its top surface dimensions are 36 inches x 22 inches. This means you can comfortably place a monitor on it. It can also support a dual monitor set up or a monitor and laptop setup.

This standing desk also features a lower deck with 25 inches x 10.5 inches dimension. This space is sufficient to house the keyboard and mouse. The lower deck rises in perfect sync with the top surface of the desk. This design helps lessen the strain your neck and shoulders.

VIVO’s DESK-V000V barely requires any assembly. You can begin to use it straight out of the box. All you need to do is place this standing desk on your existing work desk. This standing desk can be used all the way down as your existing wok desk so you can work while sitting and can quickly transition to an elevation range of 6.5 inches to 17 inches. This helps the user adjust the height according to their comfort.

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Seville Classic’s Airlift Gas-Spring Standing Desk Converter Review

Seville Classic’s Airlift is a perfect standing desk for home or office use. With 35.4 inches x 23.2 inches dimensions, the top surface spacious enough to support a dual monitor set up. The top surface also features an in-built slot that is wide enough to support tablets or e-readers. You can also prop your phone in the slot so as to have an easy access to the screen. Most of the unit is pre-assembled and ready for use. All you need to do once the unit is unpacked is attach the keyboard tray. The tools required for tray installation are included in the package.

The Airlift standing desk from Seville Classic can adjust to a height of your choosing in a range of 6.2 inches to 19.1 inches. The top surface of the desk can support up to 33 lbs. in an evenly distributed set up. Owing to the gas-spring pneumatic adjustment feature, the desk gently lifts vertically ensuring it does not tilt forward.

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FEZIBO Stand up Desk Converter Review

FEZIBO stand up desk converter has a sturdy structure made of steel that can support up to 28.6 lbs. of weight. The pneumatic cylinder makes the height adjusting transitions smoother. A small handle helps adjust the height of the standing desk facilitating ease of operation. The desk is ergonomic and has been thoughtfully designed to eliminate dangerous pinch points and keeping in mind the posture curve as well as rowing lift so as to cause minimal impact on the user’s back.

The dual tier design of FEZIBO stand up desk converter has a top surface to place monitors or laptops and a lower deck to place the keyboard and mouse. With 32.6 inches width x 17.8 inches depth the top surface of this standing desk provides ample work space. Height adjustment ranges between 4.5 inches to 19.3 inches making it ideal for users of various heights to use the standing desk without any discomfort.

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FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk Review  – Best Standing Desk

If you’re not interested in a standing desk converter but truly want the best standing desk, then the FlexiSpot is our choice in this post. FlexiSpot M2B standing desk is known for being absolutely straight while its height is being adjusted. It folds down and rises vertically in its footprint. Owing to the sturdy construction, you can be assured that there is no forward tilt that puts the monitors or laptop at risk.

The design features a single handle operation to adjust the height of the standing desk. This makes it quite easy to adjust the height safely. You need not use both hands or apply extra pressure to get the height right as is the case with other brands.

The top surface of this standing desk is 35 inches x 23.2 inches allowing ample space for a dual monitor set up. At 34.4 inches x 12.8 inches, the keyboard tray of FlexiSpot M2B standing desk is one of the widest available on the market. This tray can comfortably fit a full sized keyboard as well as mouse-pad.

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Conclusion – Best Standing Desk

Using a standing desk is a great idea to improve your posture. However, if you do intend to switch to using a standing desk, we strongly recommend that you ease yourself into it gradually. Standing for a long duration suddenly can cause your feet to hurt and cause general discomfort and affect your efficiency and or creativity at work. Split the time between your standing/sitting so as to not tire yourself suddenly. Working while standing can take a little getting used to. Therefore it is best to slowly phase yourself into it.


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