Best Tablet for Note Taking

A tablet is a portable, lightweight and compact computer that is easy to carry around. Coupled with a stylus it is the best tool you can have to take down notes. Whether it is a meeting, conference or an interview, having the best tablet for note taking is an important tool every small business owner should have. It allows you to process information right away. It can help you with preparing and presenting the information that you have. Most tablets can work with Microsoft Office. Tablets also allow you to access and transmit information on the go. There are many excellent tablets on the market so it is difficult to decide which the best tablets for note taking are. We have researched and have brought to you the top three best tablets for note taking.

Best Tablet for Note Taking in 2020

Let’s check the Best Tablet for Note Taking on the market today.

Samsung Electronics SM-T830NZKAXAR Galaxy Tab S4 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet is powered by a 2.35 GHz processor and runs on Android O. This tablet comes with the S Pen for taking notes and for drawing sketches or diagrams. This feature is excellent to take notes during a meeting or an interview. The new S Pen is something that can help you capture your ideas on the go and inspire creativity.

You get exceptional picture quality of the Super Amoled, 2560 by 1600 display. The display measures 10.5 inches and has a 16:10 aspect ratio. Watching a movie is a very immersing experience on this tablet due to Dolby Atmos sound and HD Display. The tablet has superior sound quality due to its 4 speakers which are tuned by the renowned speaker company AKG. The sensitive mics of the tablet can pick your voice from quite a distance.

The tablet works well with Google Assistant. Smart Google-enabled devices can be controlled using this tablet. A separate dockable keyboard can be purchased to work along with the tablet. When the tablet is in the Dex (dockable) mode the tablet gets converted to a laptop. You can use the tablet for presentations using PowerPoint and also work on spreadsheets using Excel.

The battery life of the device is up to 16 hours on a single charge. The device comes with a fast charger for quick charge-ups. You will never run out of space as this device has 64 GB of internal storage and can be further expanded to 400 GB via an SD card. Connectivity is through WiFi. Overall, this is the best tablet for note taking.

Apple iPad Air Review

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The Apple 10.5 Inch iPad Air is the latest iteration of a top-class product that consistently delivers in style. The display of the iPad is very vivid, vibrant and accurate. The retina display allows a person to view images and video in real-life quality. The iPad Air is powered by a Bionic A12 Chip which enables the device to perform excellently. You have a fingerprint sensor for added security of the tablet. You have a front-facing camera of 7MP to record while on a video call or Facetime High Definition. The rear-facing camera is an 8 MP camera that can record in 1080p HD mode.
The operating system enables the use of augmented reality with some of the apps and games. Facetime has the ability for group video calls. The main feature of the tablet as the name suggests is that it is lightweight and is also very slim. The tablet weighs only 1 pound and the thickness is 0.24 inches. The tablet has a good battery life. It can easily last up to 10 hours of continuous use. The tablet has a storage capacity of 64 GB.

For taking notes you must purchase the Apple Pencil or comparable device separately. The notetaking can be done on several apps on the iPad. The writing input is very fast and accurate. You can also use Microsoft Office apps such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint with ease on this device. You can expect a very smooth experience on this device. This is the best tablet for note taking for Apple lovers.

New Microsoft Surface Go Review

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Surface Go is an innovative table device brought to you by Microsoft. It has a high-resolution Pixelsense 10-inch display. It is powered by an Intel Gold Pentium Processor and comes with the Windows 10 Home Edition with the option of S mode. The tablet has an SSD memory of 128 GB which gives you ample space to store your data.

The tablet allows you to comfortably work on multiple windows as it has 4 GB RAM. The battery life of the tablet is very impressive as it can work continuously for 9 hours on a single charge. The tablet is easy to carry about as it weighs only 1.30 lbs. You can rapidly charge the device with the provided Surface Connect Charger or you can simply charge it with a type C USB charger. The device gives you the comfort and familiarity of the Windows experience. The Surface Pen and the keyboard cover will be needed to be procured additionally. This works great with Microsoft One Note which enables you to take notes effectively in meetings or conferences.

The Surface Go comes with an integrated kickstand that allows you to set the Surface Go on any angle that you desire. The widest angle would enable a user to work ergonomically with the Surface Pen. If you add the Surface Keyboard it will work like a laptop. This tablet is secured with Windows Defender. Microsoft S mode enables you to have a secure and fast operating experience.


We have reviewed the best tablets for note taking for you. They are the best tablets in their own right from three different ecosystems. We have chosen tablets from the IOS, Android and Windows operating systems environments. All of them are compatible with a stylus or pen. They all can take notes with ease on a multitude of different note-taking applications.

They are all lightweight and easy to carry. They all have a keyboard device that can be additionally purchased to seamlessly integrate with these tablets so that they can convert to laptop mode. They all have HD or high clarity displays to give you the best viewing experience. They can easily work MS Office applications to enhance your productivity. They can be easily connected to the internet by Wifi. You can choose the best tablet for note taking for you depending on the operating system you are comfortable with.