The Best Whiteboard for 2020

A whiteboard is used in meeting rooms and boardrooms. It is usually made of melamine, allows non-permanent markings and generally is mounted on the wall. Whiteboards are becoming more popular than their older counterparts, the chalkboard. A whiteboard is a great choice if your purpose is to display information in a quick and efficient manner.

A whiteboard functions to help an audience. They can look at one area and get all the information they need. The presenter who uses the whiteboard has the ease of jotting down anything she believes is pertinent to the discussion.

Once something is written, it is quick and easy to erase the marks, allowing the presenter to use the same space over and over again. A whiteboard is a great choice if you want to save resources. Instead of using handouts wasting a lot of paper and ink to get the point across, the information can be written on the whiteboard.

Best Whiteboard Reviews in 2020

There are many excellent whiteboards on the market. We have reviewed the best whiteboards for you.

AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board Review

The design of the dry-erase board goes well with any kind of decor. No need to simply waste paper with the dry-erase board write, draw, wipe, clean and reuse without causing any wastage. The board is great for any home, workplace, office or classroom.

The dry-erase marker works well on the board. The surface of the board is very smooth. You can use the board to make a to-do-list, tracking notes, managing projects and more.

The dry erase surface allows the board to be erased easily. The board can be used vertically or horizontally depending on your needs and preference. The dry erase board can also be used as a magnetic bulletin board. The included magnets can be used for various other things. It can be used to attach photographs, paper notes, invites, menus, reminders and much more and can be directly attached to the board’s surface.

The board resists stains. It is light in weight. The aluminum frame of the board is modernized and goes along with any kind of wall.

It is very easy to mount the board and is provided with 2 screws and is hidden inside the corner for a clean look but easily accessible.

The marker holder ledge is removable and can be placed anywhere along the bottom. The corners of the board have a nice round smooth finish. The board is provided with a 1-year limited warranty. This is the best Whiteboard on the market today.

Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard Review

The Quartet magnetic whiteboard is great for your meeting room etc. The whiteboard can be used in conjunction with a projector, for even greater use of the writing surface.

It is always better to use whiteboards instead of using handouts with a lot of paper and ink. The information can be directly written on the whiteboard, saving paper and extra printing costs.

The Quartet white board has a sturdy white woody frame that goes along with any kind of background. The frame is decent looking. The included dry-erase marker is of good quality and works well on the surface of the board. The board can be used to create a week’s menu, tracking chores, managing projects, etc.

The magnets can be used to hang photos, notes, invites, menus, etc. Wall mounting hardware allows the board to be hung in portrait or landscape orientation.

The surface of the board is nice and smooth. The board resists stains. You don’t have to apply any force to wipe the board clean. It is easy to mount the board. The board is strong, sturdy and long-lasting. This is the strongest and most durable one when it comes to the best whiteboards on the market.

XBoard Magnetic Whiteboard Review

The X Board produces hundreds of and thousands of board products every month. The XBoard manufactures different kinds of the board such as magnetic whiteboard, melamine whiteboard, blackboard, fabric board, corkboard, and Easel-style dry erase boards.

The boards are made with tough material to reduce the risk of damage over time or during shipping. Every piece used to make the board is tested for durability.

You can use a magnetic whiteboard to post notes, important messages, attach photos, cards, menu, etc on it with the help of the included magnets. The magnets are strong and hold things well on the board.

The dry erase board is provided with a detachable marker tray. You can keep the writing materials on the tray. The marker is smooth and of good quality. The surface of the board is scratch-resistant. The frame of the board is made of anodized aluminum and has a nice finish. The aluminum frame gives a nice look to the frame. You can use any brand of the dry easy marker on the board.

The included hardware makes mounting easy. It comes along with 4 screws and the screws are hidden inside the corner for a clean look. You can hang it horizontally or vertically depending on your need and preference.

You can ask for a free replacement if you face any issue with the new arrivals. The board is long-lasting and durable.


A whiteboard is a non-electronic variation of the traditional rewriteable schoolroom blackboard but is white instead of black and of a material that can be written on with colored markers are known as dry erase markers. Dry erase markers are easier to erase than the chalk used on a blackboard which sometimes requires a wet rag for thorough erasing.

The Amazon Basic Magnetic board can be used for various purposes. It is easy to use the board just write, wipe and reuse. The board is light in weight and is strong and durable.

The sturdy woody frame of Quarter magnetic whiteboard is very elegant looking and goes well with any kind of decor. The surface of the board is stain free. The board is durable and long-lasting.

The XBoard is a well-known brand on the market making a variety of boards. The XBoard is made with unique tough material to reduce the risk of damage and is provided with a detachable tray.

You can decide on the best whiteboard for your needs and select one of the above.