American Express Business Credit Cards

American Express is famous for a lot of things, but one of the things we love about Amex is their commitment to small business. They did after all create holiday completely dedicated to small businesses, Small Business Saturday. American Express is a very trusted brand and has been helping business owners for years. An American Express business credit card is a great tool to have when running and growing your business.

Having a business credit card is very important for your start up or business. There are many unexpected expenses that come up when you start a business. The payments from your clients may get delayed; you have to pay your vendors in advance, etc. During situations like these, credit cards help you to keep the cash flow of your business positive. If you are looking for nothing but the best for your business, an American Express business credit card is a must have.

In this article, we take a look at their top credit cards created specifically with the small business owner in mind.

Some of the advantages of taking an American Express business credit card are as below:

  • Cash back which create extra revenue for your company
  • Reward points – the cool goodies you can get for purchasing things you have to anyway
  • Pay over time- you can split the money and pay over a a period of time. You also get a grace period for payments.
  • Early pay discount- 1.5% discount will be allocated to you if you pay the amount at least 10 days before the closing date

All in all, these features, used wisely will result in extra cash flow and breathing time in your business for purchases and will help with your cash flow. You .

I have mentioned below the various types of cards that you can avail of from American Express for your business.

Types of American Express Business Credit Cards

American Express Plum Card Review

  • Plum card gives you 60 days no interest payment and a discount of 1.5% on early payment.
  • You get the plum card at an annual fee of $0 in the initial year followed by $250/- every year.

American Express Business Gold Card Review

  • The Gold card comes with a golden opportunity of earning the reward points, not just 1X or 2X. It gives you 4X points on any 2 spending categories. These categories are flexible and  can be changed as per your requirements. In a year you can earn up to 60,000 reward points. These points when translated into dollars would be $1,200/-. You can select the top 2 spending categories from array of option like airfare, advertising, software, hardware, gas station, restaurants, shipping etc. This lessens the burden on your business wallet. 
  • You save on travel accident insurance, car rental loss and damage insurance and roadside assistance, as the card comes packed with these perks. 
  • You can even enjoy the benefit of pay with points rebate on the card when you are buying air tickets. You can redeem upto 25% of the value. Foreign transaction fees are not levied. 
  • Price: You can avail all this benefits for an annual fee of $295/-.

American Express Business Platinum Card Review:

  • It is the best card to have if your business involves lot of travelling. 
  • You can get access to Hilton honors loyalty programs, Marriott bonvoy loyalty programs, Centurion lounge access, Priority pass lounge access, and the Delta sky club access. 
  • $200/- annual airline fee credit.
  • You can travel in your choice of airline, through Amex travel, and get 35% point rebate on airlines. 
  • You get 5X bonus category on airfare and prepaid hotels. 
  • 1.5X reward points on purchases. 
  • 1 Point on every dollar spent. 
  • Foreign transaction fees are not applicable. 
  • You can get a year of global access from WeWork. You can enjoy the comforts of a co-working space, with all the amenities and added benefits of working with fellow businessmen. 
  • Price: Avail all these offers at an annual fee of $595. 

Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express Review

  • The Blue Business Plus is a card with multiple benefits:
  • This card does not have any annual fee 
  • You can double the membership rewards on any business purchases without any conditions. The  limit is $50000/-
  • It is ideal for small businesses. You don’t need to waste time to increase the card limit, to enhance their buying power and working capital. It is automatically adjusted. 
  • 2% cash back is a lucrative offer. 
  • You get an Accountable card. This saves time when you are accounting.
  • Customer service available over the clock. 

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express Review

  • Apart from the normal perks of 2X rewards points, and 1 reward point on every dollar spent on everything else, they have a special feature the global assist that helps you to pre plan the trip and helps in finding various services while travelling anywhere more than 100 miles. 
  • Employee cards that enable you to track the spending of an employee as well, most importantly you can earn on their purchases as well 
  • No preset spending limit, that enables you to be flexible with limit based on various other criteria that keeps changing, without hassle of visiting the office or making a call. 

New American Express Blue Business Cash Card Review

  • Expanded buying power: With the Blue Business Card, you get more buying power to meet your cash flow needs. You can spend more than the allotted credit limit, without paying any over limit fees. 
  • 2% cash back up to $50,000/- thereafter 1% cash back. Imagine the extra utility you can add to your business just by the  addition of cash back. By using the card to its limit you can earn a minimum of $1,000/-
  • Car rental loss and damage insurance offered with the card helps you to save money. 
  • You get Global Assist which helps you to use the services in a land where you don’t know language
  • Extended warranty up to 1 year. This feature saves a lot on repair cost and extending the life of electronics used on site. 
  • Entertainment Access:  Specific shows and tickets allow you to have a fresh breather with family or employees. 
  • Fees: No annual fee

Conclusion – Which American Express Business Credit Card Is The Best?

American Express which is the best in the industry offers the best deals and promotions. This helps you to run your business smoothly. A business credit card is a must have for every business especially businesses run by small business owners, who can use some extra credit in time of emergency. All the rewards and cash backs result in extra cash flow into the business. You can ease the stress of your business by having an expense manager and customer service for your cards. All in all check the specifics of the wide variety of cards mentioned above, and select the one that is custom made for your business needs.