Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses for Small Business

People start their own business when they are confident that it will succeed. They have experience in their industry and want to use that knowledge to improve their financial situation. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to Advertising or Marketing. Nowadays, the internet is a major tool in a business owner’s belt. Any information you seek is a mouse click away. Questions like “how to advertise on Google” can take you down a rabbit hole of blog posts. So, we compiled some of our recommendations to start learning digital marketing so you can grow your business.

Best Digital Marketing Courses for Small Business in 2020

Listed below are the 10 best digital marketing courses to get you started on advertising your business.


This is an online website that has courses offered by reputed colleges. The site is good for beginners who want to learn Digital Marketing as well as for people who want to refresh the basics. Most colleges post the first-year curriculum on the website. All of them give you an insight to the Marketing world right at the beginning.

Since the courses are offered by a college, there is a registration period every 6 months for new courses. Once you sign up for Coursera, the site will send a notification on commencement dates.


Google offers classes in digital marketing too. The courses have a lot of information that you can access after registration. They have divided the classes into three groups, beginner, intermediate and expert. This allows owners with different knowledge levels to get a lot of mileage from the course. It does not matter if you are a student or a teacher. Google covers all the information and even answers any questions you may have.


This website is known for its online education. They have streamlined the learning process down to two core courses. The first one educates you on the use of Google Analytics, the second on marketing tactics with little to no cost.

Udemy offers these courses for free but if you are looking for more detailed training, they have paid courses available too.

GenM Digital Apprenticeship

GenM has a unique method of helping you learn. It offers you a real-time job experience while you are learning at your desk at home. After you complete the registration process, you have to submit a form with the necessary details. GenM then pairs you with a company that best suits your criteria. Once your internship is over, you get a certificate of completion and can avail of other courses available at no extra cost.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook has more than 3 billion users. That’s close to half the population of the world. This simple fact makes it the perfect stage to market your business. This being said, not many of Facebook’s users realize or even use the full potential of this social media site. If you do successfully set up a marketing campaign, you may not manage it properly to target the right crowd.

Facebook Blueprint was introduced for this very purpose. They teach you everything you need to know about creating a campaign and handling it proficiently.


WordPress teaches you to create your own website and how to manage your online portfolio. In this day and age where everyone is trying to get ahead, a unique website highlighting your achievements and goals is very useful. You can also upload information on previous projects done by your company to impress and attract potential clients. The project data has to be uploaded in three phases: the problem, the solution and the positive effect it had on your business.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot teaches you the basics of Inbound Marketing for absolutely no charge. This is a marketing strategy where you attract the viewer to your website and the content of the page will convert them to potential clients. It also helps to make your business more visible online.

It makes learning easier by allowing you to take the time you need to grasp the tutorial videos. Upon completion of the course, you can take an exam for certification in Inbound Marketing.

PPC University by WordStream

PPC University is a part of WordStream. It is a free website that teaches you to hone your online advertising skillset. After many years of research, they have concluded that small businesses suffer the most when it comes to advertising. Big companies can afford to spend huge amounts on marketing without affecting the profit margin but smaller ones cant.

They offer digital marketing courses for beginners to expert students and the website is compatible with your phone or tablet device.

Social Media Quickstarter

Quickstarter is the bridge between your emails and social media websites. Its courses are designed for new students and instruct you on how to link the advertisements on webpages like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, etc. to your email account. This helps you to update your existing clients on latest news and developments in your business instead of relying on chance.


If you are comfortable interacting with a group to study then Alison has an online platform with student strength of over 6 million users. Its main objective is to help users become more productive in their current jobs or help the unemployed update their basic skills to get a job. Digital Marketing is offered as a free course in their E-Business section and you get a certificate upon completion.

Conclusion – Digital Marketing Courses For Small Business

Most of the sites mentioned here offer free services. This is perfect for a beginner. As a small business owner, it makes sense to save your money. And if you get excellent advanced digital marketing courses from top companies like Google and Facebook for free, why waste your hard earned dollars. You might as well keep it for your advertising budget.

With time and practice, you will improve on the content you post online. At the end of the day, personalized information and advertising is always better than copied content. It will give your business the edge it needs to breakthrough in the marketplace.

We hope our list of top 10 Digital Marketing Courses for small business owners proves helpful in selecting the right path for you.