DocuSign Review: A Simple Way to Sign Documents Online

Do you get bogged down with signing many documents?

Does work get delayed due to your unavailability to sign documents?

Do you have to wait for long to get signatures from your offsite office/locations?

Well, worry no more! Gone are the days of attesting the documents by physically signing the documents. With advancement in technology, you can digitally sign documents. Digital signatures are safe and authenticate the originality of documents signed. It is also legally binding to the parties signing the document or contracts. With digitalization at its peak, digital signature has achieved colossal momentum. Do check our detailed Docusign review below.

DocuSign Review 2020

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a cloud-based application that enables you to sign and send documents. It also facilitates document preparation. It easily integrates with more than 300 business apps. DocuSign platform is considered a standard of digital signature in today’s business world.

Pros – DocuSign Review

  • DocuSign is easy to use due to its user-friendly layout.
  • You can create documents using the templates available.
  • The documents can be quickly uploaded.
  • Once despatched, the progress can be accurately tracked.
  • DocuSign ensures the safety of your documents through its robust security system.
  • DocuSign saves a lot of time and money as compared to traditional methods.
  • DocuSign maintains a complete audit trail for future references.
  • The documents sent and signed using DocuSign are entirely legal and holds all the parties accountable who have entered into the contract.
  • It can be seamlessly integrated with other business apps.
  • You can access DocuSign through their mobile app as well.
  • The software is updated regularly. This results in fixing shortcomings of the app and adding up on the features.
  • It has an excellent Customer support team.
  • You can avail of the free trial that DocuSign offers.

Cons – DocuSign Review

  • You need to re-work on the entire document in case you want to make minor changes.
  • The editing of documents becomes tricky in DocuSign.
  • Since Customer service is online, you may need to wait for long to speak to support staff.

DocuSign Pricing Review

DocuSign offers 3 plans. The Personal plan, as the name suggests, is for a single user. It will cost you $10/month per user. You can send 5 contracts or documents per month for e-signature. The Standard package will allow you to send unlimited documents for e-signature. You will receive reminders and notifications. You can design the templets in your brand. The cost is $25/month.

Business Pro is for $40/month. In this, you get advanced fields and customization options. You can send documents in bulk as well. 3 users can have access to DocuSign in the Standard plan and Business Pro plan. You can also increase the users limit through further customization. Apart from the above, DocuSign has industry-specific plans too.

DocuSign Integration Review

DocuSign integrates with more than 300 apps. This means that it will work with most of the apps that you already have. The list of popular apps includes Google G Suite, SalesForce, Workday, Box, Workday, Box, Apple, and more. It works with Oracle and SAP software as well.

Features Overview of DocuSign

DocuSign promotes paperless transactions. It helps businesses go digital. It helps to reduce clutter, save time and money. DocuSign has access to the most crucial aspects of business, and hence the security of the client’s data and information is protected by robust encryptions. The app can be assessed through mobile; thus, it gives you mobility. This feature is best for a person who regularly travels for business. It has a biometric phone authentication service. It can also verify the IDs issued by the government. It has eNotary options as well. You can collect the payment due from clients when they sign the document. This can be done via credit card or any other type of payment mode.

Customer Support Review for DocuSign

The customer support is one of the best. The sales support can be contacted over the phone. They are efficient and can guide you well. For other general queries, you can have access to DocuSign’s online resources library. You can also speak to them about any technicalities, and the solution is provided instantly. You can take the help of the free expert service. They will hand-hold you through the entire process of setting up the app and through its usage.

DocuSign Ease of Use Review

The simple to use app on mobile and desktop is quite popular with most of the users. The menu options are easy to understand and use. Even the first-timers use it with ease. Hence we rate the app with 5/5 ratings.

How a Small Businessman can Use DocuSign?

The turnaround time to create and get the document signed can be reduced from 5 days to 1 day. Paper usage can be reduced by 90%. Such huge savings of time, money, and resources are great for small businesses. DocuSign offers 30 days free trial. So you need not make an upfront payment. You can quickly try and then decide to opt for it. The pricing plans are economical as well. You have various options to choose from depending upon the nature of your business. Right from the new hire documentation to sales contracts to invoicing process and purchase order, you can use DocuSign for all your documentation. You can use it for offshore teams and international clients with ease. For small businesses, ease of use, huge savings on time, money, efforts, and customized options are the few reasons to choose DocuSign.

Conclusion – DocuSign Review

You can easily prepare and edit documents/agreements of any file type. All the errors while preparing crucial contracts can be eliminated, and contract signing processes can be standardized. Your clients can access the contracts in 43 languages. You can get the online status of the documents sent and their progress. DocuSign gives you the option to save all the records digitally for future retrieval as well. All this ensures the accuracy of work, zero time wastage, and resources and reduction of administrative hassles in documents/agreements preparation and signing. No wonder DocuSign is the most popular and simple solution for digital signatures on the market.