Envato Elements Review – The Ultimate Creators Toolbox

Various essential elements go into the making of perfect design. This includes a theme appropriate font, clarity of image, attractive and user-friendly template, and more. For a graphic designer, a visual/audio creator or developers to search for such essential elements can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. One platform that makes the life of a designer/creator easy is Envato Elements. It is aptly known as the ultimate toolbox for creators. We present to you an unbiased Envato Elements Review.

Envato Elements Review in 2020

What are Envato Elements?

In simple words, Elements is a stock graphic service from Envato. It provides designers and creators a vast collection of video and audio files, fonts, templates and themes, images and graphics, and more. Elements offer one million+ easily downloadable online resources, which can make the life of a designer easy and designs outstanding. Designers/creators can use it for sourcing graphic and educational resources and business management tools.

It was launched in the year 2016, and it has gained popularity rapidly. The features are updated every week. Also, new resources are added regularly. Hence the options of items available are wide. This is the primary reason for its popularity.

Pros – Envato Elements Review

Huge downloadable library

Envato Elements offers not only high quality images but also an entire gamut of resources needed to create your storyboard. The quality of the resources is first-rate.


A one-time payment gives you access to unlimited downloads. There are many players in the field of downloadable resources, but Envato Elements offers the best affordable monthly price solution.

Cancellation of Subscription

In case you decide to cancel the subscription, you can still use the downloaded items that you had downloaded previously as a subscriber.

Cons – Envato Elements Review

Free resources are limited. It gives you only a glimpse of what Envato Elements has to offer

All the subscribers have access to the same resources, and at times you may find duplication of resources/items used.

The subscription fees, once paid in full for the entire year, will not be refunded in case you decide to cancel the subscription.

No notification regarding updates for resources/items available. Hence subscriber ends up using old items in spite of the availability of newer and updated items.

Envato Elements Pricing

Envato Elements is competitively priced. It offers a monthly and yearly plan. The monthly plan is $33, plus applicable taxes. For the year, you will be billed at $198 plus taxes. This comes to $16.5 per month. You save 50% on monthly fees if you choose the yearly plan. For an active subscriber, at this price, you get to download everything on Elements, which is a major advantage.

Features Overview of Envato Elements

Envato Elements Review – WordPress Plugin and Elementor Review

Websites can be easily created using Elements WordPress Plugin and Elementor. It helps in creating a powerful visual design. A website can be created quickly. The templates can be easily customized. The variety of such customizable templates is huge. Elementor gives easy drag and drop WordPress plugin options.

Envato Elements – Envato Tuts + Review

There are around 1200 + online courses available on Envato Tuts+. These video-based short courses help you to enhance your creative and technical skillsets. Many hours of research were put in to create such an extensive learning platform. Popular courses include Adobe photoshop for beginners, Master PowerPoint, Introduction to video editing, etc.

It also has 170+ eBooks for reference and learning purposes.

Envato Elements Customer Support Review

The basic support and information regarding licensing, subscription plans, and other general details are provided via email, and it is also mentioned on their website. However, Envato Elements does not offer technical support.

The resources available on Elements are created by independent authors. Hence no support regarding the use or other technicalities is available. This can be a major disadvantage for people working on website development. They don’t have support in case of any issues related to the plugins or templates.

Envato Elements Review – Ease of Usage Rating

The member dashboard is user-friendly. You can easily download the items from the main menu by clicking the download option. It will prompt you to select the purpose – whether it is required for Trial use or Project use.

Once you chose the Project use option, you can assign a project name. Then click on download to save your selected item. For ease of use, the ratings are excellent – 5 out of 5

How a small businessman can use Envato Elements

Envato elements are useful for graphic designers, photographers, and video developers, bloggers, and website developers. Most of these people work either on a freelance basis or at a small studio. Hence acquiring good quality and professional images, templates, and audio/video files could be a costly affair. It is a time-consuming activity to design from scratch.

Envato Elements offers the best solutions at highly affordable rates. One subscription, either on a monthly or yearly basis, can give you unlimited downloads to work on. Quality and professional creative elements at the best price are what a small businessman gets from Envato Elements.

Conclusion Envato Elements Review

In a traditional digital stock service, we need to purchase items like images, videos, plugins, and more on an individual basis. Each of such items has an individual commercial license. Envato Elements is a game-changer. With one subscription, you can access unlimited items. Against the payment of a monthly fee of $16.50, you get an entire library of items that can be easily downloaded and used.

It has over a million+ resources of Stock photos, CMS templates, Fonts, 3D objects, Website templates, Presentation templates, Music and sound files, and more. It regularly updates its resources so that you have access to the latest creatives.

Envato Elements provides a one-stop solution for designers, filmmakers, web developers, and creators. Apart from simplifying things, it also offers free eBooks and online learning platforms for up-skilling yourself. For all designers and creators who use such creatives regularly, Envato Elements is the ultimate subscription for their professional toolbox.