Starting a business can be quite difficult and tasking as there are several things to do, decisions to make, among many others. Coming with a brand name that perfectly fits what you are into and aligns with your target market can quite a hassle. 

Most times brands go for a name that is easy to spell or has a nice ring to it so it would be easy for people to remember. When it comes to starting up a business, there are several steps to take, and each step is critical to the success and growth of the business in the long-run. 

Choosing a business name is one of the critical decisions that must be made, as a business name could make or mar a business. Also, getting a domain to follow your chosen name is another worry, most times, your best business name ideas don’t have an available domain to go with it or the price for the domain is too high.

To generate a business name for your brand, you must brainstorm and think creatively. You can have a list of names and run them through business partners, colleagues, friends, family members, etc. to get their thought on them. It doesn’t stop at having a business idea, Dedication, courage, passion, energy and many more are what it takes to start a business.

How to Generate a Business Name

A good business name should represent what a brand is about, it should be easy, memorable and has a nice ring to it. Remember, your business name is your brand, it should remind your employees, customers, and potential clients what you are and what you are doing. 

In a case where you are unable to come up with a creative brand name, you could pay a naming agency to find a suitable name that is novel, industry-relevant, catchy and untrademarked. But if paying a naming agency is not in the budget, you can put on your thinking cap and get some inspirations, it is free. 

Below are some ways to generate a name for your business: 

  • Use acronyms

A lot of big companies use acronyms instead of their full names as this is easier for people to remember. You can go with the first letter of each of your company name to simplify it.

  • Partner with a company

Regardless of the decision you make – either you partner or merge with another business, you can combine both brand names to create a new one that correctly represents what the merged brand is into.

  • Tweak the spelling

You can remove or add a letter or two to the spelling of your brand name. You can change the spelling of a famous word completely to make it catchy. You can choose any word that aligns with your brand and invent a new way to spell it.

Other ways include;

  • Get inspiration from literature/mythology/Latin
  • Use your name
  • Create mash-ups
  • Use nicknames
  • Make it descriptive
  • Symbols also come in handy
  • Make use of abbreviations
  • Leverage on words in the dictionary and foreign words
  • Mix names and symbols


  • Your business name should sell a positive message
  • Avoid using long names as they are easier to forget
  • Make memorable as it makes it easier for people to remember. 
  • Avoid difficult word, it should be easy to pronounce and spell 

Top 10 Free Business Name Search Tools 2020

The good thing is don’t have to rack your brain for too long, there are several business name generators you can use to create a catchy business name with a free domain. Below are 10 free business name search tools you can use to find suitable business name ideas.

  • Shopify Business Name Generator

If you’re looking at creating an online store, Shopify Business Name Generator is highly recommended for you. It has a great feature that helps you categorize your line of business such as food, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. so, the business name suggestion will be profiled towards your choice of industry. 

You can also buy an already established store together with its business name. This option is for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of starting their store from the scratch.

Another good perk of this name generator is that it shows brand names alongside available domains. It is also a great way to start-up your Shopify store after creating a perfect name.

  • Business Name Generator

This name generator provides several name ideas with both prefixes, suffix and variations based on keywords. Business name generator provides aimed industry ideas instead of giving a vague or general one. 

With the filter feature, you can carefully modify your search preferences so your result would be tailored towards your line of business. To access these features, click on the generate button. With each result comes with an available domain you can use.

  • NameMesh

This is a tool that helps you navigate your business name hunt with diverse features. It provides instant suggestions based on any keyword you use. Name mesh uses two type of generator – the tool that uses two-three keywords and the one that uses three-four keywords. Generally, NameMesh generates business names based on available domains to simplify the process for users.

  • Oberlo

Oberlo provides several filters to give your search the best result that best suit your brand. To use this tool, enter a keyword that is relevant to your brand, then click on generate names. This will immediately take you to a page where you’ve been provided with different business names to pick from.

Unlike other business name generated that provide too many filters, Oberlo Brand simplifies the whole process for users. All that is required of users is to input any desired keywords, click on the generate names button, and a display page with several business name ideas will be available for you to make a pick.

The problem is, the business names often sound too ordinary as if the tool just randomly inputs additional words to every result item. Once you are satisfied with a name, proceed to set up a domain as soon as possible to secure the name. This tool generates 100 available options in seconds. It also warns users against copyright infringement, and there are no limits to the number of times you can use the business name generator.

  • Anadea 

This tool helps you find the best name for your brand, website, or app. It is very easy to use, just input some keywords related to your business and let the tool generate names for you. Note that Anadea has no domain availability check, they do not provide that service. Aside from this downside, the tool comes with several name selection options from the barest keyword.

  • Dot-o-mator

A great tool has different available business names on display. You can keep a list of your preferred business name on display and check if the domain is available. 

Dot-o-mator generates business names using several approaches. 

This tool requires users to input some words at the beginning and the ending, and the join those words to create some name suggestions. Afterwards, Dot-o-mator will display some available names you can use, and also those that are taken. Dot-o-mator is reliable and it provides unique business names for users. 

  • Wordlab 

Worldlab provides one of the most creative business name suggestions. These names have to individually discovered by users. Worldlab does not provide a list of all available name with a single click. Be rest assured you’d get what you are looking for with this tool, though it might take a while.


This tool allows you to input precise criteria and helps users generate a list of several possible names related to the search. When searching, you can indicate a root word, letter, syllable, rhymes, etc. any variation is allowed. 

Another cool feature about this app is that it gives some tips to users like business naming tips, things to consider when naming your business, domain, product, etc. All these are to simplify the process for users. 

  • BizNameWiz

This tool is a guru when it comes to bringing up unique and creative business names. Their business names suggestions can be filtered and tailored to fit what your business represents. This is one feature that makes it stand out amongst other business name generating tools.

The user interface of this tool is easy to use, it requires minimal efforts from users. To get a name suggestion, input a word or words to the search colon and let the tool do its job. BizNameWiz will instantly generate available business names and domain for you. It also provides branding guides for users that can aid them in choosing the right brand name. Another great feature of this tool is the ability to send a list of generated business names to a given email address. 

  •  Freshbook

This is a business name generator that comes up with several name suggestions with a single click. The tool generates business names ideas that are tailored to fit your brand and industry. Once you choose an industry where your brand fits in, you can then add your keywords. 

Then, a few brand name ideas will display, you can then proceed to choose a brand name you like. The brand name you picked will appear on a new page where you can retrieve it.