G Suite Review – Powering your Business with Google

Cloud computing dates back to 1960 and has come a long way since then. Cloud computing, in simple terms, means storing data at a remote physical location. The data can be accessed from any place at all times as needed by the user. The main benefit of cloud storage is that it gives mobility to the user as the data can be accessed from any place through a mobile phone or any desktop. It also gives more space for storage as against that of your computer. There are many apps and software that use cloud computing. One popular name in the world of cloud computing is G Suite. Let’s check an unbiased G Suite Review below.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is not just about cloud computing. It is an amalgamation of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tool. Google Cloud developed products and services. It is a powerful tool for Businesses as users can store and share files on the cloud. The users can synchronize the files across all connected devices in real-time. The users can connect employees and customers through video conferencing. The face-to-face contact improves awareness to queries and problems.

G Suite 2020 – Get the Power of Google Behind Your Business

Pros – G Suite Review

  • G Suite is cloud-based; hence its apps are lodged in the web browser. Hence
  • You save time, and it is convenient to have all productivity tools like email, documents, calendars and chat in one place
  • G Suite is easy to use. The docs and sheets are simpler versions of MS Word and MS Excel
  • The collaboration feature of G Suite is the best. Numerous users or team members can work on the same document at the same time. The changes mad are auto-saved in real-time. The files can also be shared easily
  • G Suite offers unlimited storage space on the cloud

Cons – G Suite Review

  • You will need an internet connection to access all the details stored on the cloud. It could be an issue in case of no or bad reception
  • As the data is stored at a third-party site, the security risk is higher as compared to data stored locally

G Suite Pricing

There are three pricing plans for G Suite. The difference in these plans is about storage space, security features, and the level of administrative control. All three plans offer professional domain and G Suite products like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, and more. The Basic plan is $6/month per user. You will get a 30GB file storage space.

The G Suite Business plan is $12/month per user, and the G Suite Enterprise is $25/month per user. Both plans offer unlimited storage space. The G Suite Enterprise plan gives advanced options like the ability to save Hangouts meetings and live streaming options, advanced enterprise control, and more.

Features Overview of G Suite

G Suite makes working in a team easier. The Gmail is similar to your email account. It gives you the option to draft emails offline and enables read receipts. Using the calendar tool, you can check the team’s availability and schedule meetings accordingly. Automatic emails can be sent. You can have a face-to-face meeting using Hangout. You will be able to share screens to get your work reviewed, which helps in faster decision making.

Multiple people from the team can work on the file at the same time, and the work gets saved automatically. The files are stored in the Drive, and the other users can have access to the same. They can download the files, and you need not be bothered by sending files as attachments. You can secure your account using the 2-step verification and single-on.

G Suite Integration

G Suite understands you would need tools for the smooth running of your business. Hence G Suite is designed to integrate with other apps like Copper for CRM, Asana for Project management, Xero for Accounting, and Dial pad for Business communication, to name a few.

Customer support review for G Suite

The administrators get access to phone, email, and chat support 24×7. The phone and email support are available in 14 languages. The support team is helpful and tries to resolve the issues quickly. G Suite has the Help Centre that has information regarding set-up and usage. The overall customer support provided is excellent.

Ease of use G Suite Review

G Suite is extremely easy to use and navigate. For setting up G Suite, you need to enter a few details regarding your company, connect your domain name, and choose an email address and you are all good to start. The login details can be shared with your team. Gmail is similar to the free accounts that you use. The drive, calendar, Hangouts, and rest of the tools are easy to use. For ease of use G Suite gets excellent ratings.

How a Small Businessman can Use G Suite?

Comprehensive business tools at affordable rates are the reason for G Suite’s popularity. The intelligent app not only gives you storage space for your data but helps you with efficient team collaborations. It enables your team to work and complete projects together and with greater accuracy.

The data is stored on the cloud and is accessible on a personal mobile phone or desktop. Hence the risk of losing data or data getting corrupt is ruled out. You can easily connect with your team at a remote location using the Hangout video conferencing option. 25 people can join the call. Using the calendar tool, you can schedule meetings, plan projects, track deadlines, and more.

Conclusion – G Suite Review

G Suite is suitable for the changing dynamics of business. Most of the people are well versed with the features and apps, so the transition to G Suite is smooth for business. The low-cost app with multiple business management tools is powerful and best suited to small businesses. The power of Google and the reputation of the brand will stand behind your data storage and security.