GoDaddy Website Builder Review

To create a website all by oneself is a daunting task. For beginners with no experience in coding, it would be challenging. The creation of the website has been made easy by the companies that provide website development support. Such companies offer attractive templates, designs, various tools, and more for you to develop your website. All this is easy, and fun, and the final result is exceptionally professional in look and is fully functional. Let’s review one such company that provides website builder services i.e. Godaddy website builder review.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review in 2020

What is GoDaddy Website Builder?

GoDaddy uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to create websites much faster as compared to its competitors. It is a beginner’s best friend to create a website. All it needs is the necessary information that you want to publish on your webpage, and in a matter of minutes, you will have a simple website ready. This makes it perfect for beginners.

Pros – GoDaddy Review

  • The website can be created within minutes after you put in details of the customization you are looking for in the website
  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • The layout of the website adapts to mobile phones and Tablets
  • It offers unlimited space and bandwidth limit
  • The pricing plans offered by GoDaddy are highly economical
  • GoDaddy is advertisement free for all plans

Cons – GoDaddy Review

  • Since you choose to input your requirement, they are no room for creativity
  • The final website is not visually appealing
  • You will not get a free domain with any of the monthly plans. It needs to be brought separately
  • It has basic SEO settings
  • You cannot create a multilingual website

GoDaddy Pricing

There are four plans offered by GoDaddy and are economical if you choose the yearly option. You can also have a one-month free trial. The basic plan is $10/month. You get blogging functionality to the image gallery to AV implementation options. It also gives you SSL Security, social sharing, and marketing suite options.

With the Standard plan at $15 per month, you get SEO wizards plus all the features of the basic plan. The Premium plan gives you the option to accept credit card payments, client management tools, and you can sync your site to other business pages and stores on social media. The cost of the Premium plan is $20.

The eCommerce plan allows you to launch an online store, and hence it comes with all the relevant features for eCommerce shop. The monthly cost is $25 for the eCommerce plan.

Features Overview of GoDaddy

You can easily create blogs, online stores, and simple websites for your business using GoDaddy builder. It is built in such a user-friendly manner that all you need to do is enter relevant information, and GoDaddy will create a personalized site for you. It is best for users who don’t want to invest time in choosing templates and then choosing features and then drag-and-drop them on their website.

You can add images and video and audio files to your blog, and the blog can be made live in less than 20 minutes. If you choose the eCommerce plan, then you can build an eCommerce site with 1,500 products to sell in addition to having all features for eCommerce like stock and product management, shipping and tax rates configuration, and also option to offer discount and promotions. GoDaddy also helps you to boost sales with its SEO functions. The sites are mobile-friendly and also supports credit and debit card payment options.

GoDaddy Integration

GoDaddy integrates with ChowNow, Google Analytics, Opentable, and PayPal

Customer Support Review for GoDaddy

The customer support is available 24X7; however, the support is just satisfactory as they tend to focus more on sales rather than service. The support is available on chat as well. The FAQ and knowledgebase with introductory videos are helpful. But it lacks the systematic approach of finding information.

Ease of use GoDaddy Review

The website editor works with desktop computers and even on smartphones. It is easy to use and well built. Several options are there to choose for every element that you want on your website. There is a video to understand the first functions, and it is of great help for beginners. Most of the leg-work is completed for the users. Hence for ease of use, GoDaddy tops the chart.

How a Small Businessman can use GoDaddy?

GoDaddy website builder is best for a small business that wants to have a clean and straightforward website. If you want a website with no hassles and which helps to sell products or services online, then you should go for this tool. It is economical for the features it has to offer. Be it the basic SEO that can put your website to rank on top of the Google search to the Google analytics that helps you to monitor the website traffic – GoDaddy has it all. You can go live with your website within few minutes. This aspect is an excellent feature for those time-conscious businessmen. Setting up and managing an eCommerce site is secure and easy. There are certain limitations about the pre-set templates and simple looking websites, but if the site helps you market your products and services well and generates business, then the limitations can be overlooked.

Conclusion – GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy has been established in the 1900s, and it is well-known for its web hosting services and as one of the best domain name providers on the market. The website builder feature was introduced recently. The builder has gained popularity due to its ease of use and economical pricing. However, other providers offer better creatives and templates for website building.

GoDaddy is best for professionals and small businesses that need an easy to build website with basic functionality of SEO, Online stores, and other marketing options. The website builder can be availed free of cost for a month before you finalize your website builder. So go ahead explore it, and it could be the best option for you to create a business website quickly.