Gusto Review: Payroll Software for Small Business

A payroll system is software that streamlines employee payments and tax calculation. These tasks, though time-consuming, are crucial for businesses. Various companies offer Payroll System services. The features and pricing may vary between the Payroll service providers. Do check below our unbiased Gusto Review.

Gusto Review in 2020

What is Gusto Payroll Software? 

Gusto was formerly known as ZenPayroll. It is a cloud-based platform. It caters primarily to small businesses. It offers payroll services, health insurance, HR, and management tools. It is simple to handle, and you won’t be needed an accountant to manage your company’s payroll. It is widely adopted on the market as it is very easy to use and set up. It takes away the hassle of accounting software management and dealing with various administrative functions.

Pros – Gusto Review

Gusto is a simple to use Payroll software.

It can handle contractor’s payments as well as employee payments.

The new hire can create and submit payroll and benefits form online.

You don’t have to enter any data manually. It automatically syncs data from other platforms.

The autopilot feature is one of the best as you can schedule payroll automatically on Autopilot.

It is payroll compliant in 50 states.

It is compliant with HIPAA, ERISA, and the Affordable Care Act.

Cons – Gusto Review

It is unsuitable for large organizations.

The benefits feature of Gusto is available in only 26 US States.

The subscription fees include base rate and charges per employee per month. So with an increase in the number of employees, the monthly costs will go up. It will be an issue for budget-restricted companies.

Gusto Payroll Software Pricing

Gusto has 3 monthly subscription plans. At $39 per month plus $6 per employee per month, you can subscribe to the Core Plan. The plan offers all the features of payroll and a self-service option for employees.

The next plan, Complete, along with the above features, also gives employees onboarding, their directory, and survey features. It is available for $39/month plus $12 per employee per month.

The Concierge plan can be availed at $149 per month plus $12 per employee per month. With Concierge, as the name suggests, you get access to the dedicated support team and HR experts. You can opt for a one-month free trial and then subscribe to the various Gusto plans.

Features Overview of Gusto Payroll Software

Gusto is a one-stop solution for your payroll and compliance functions. It is one of the most popular platforms on the market and has over 100,000 subscribers. Let’s see some of the top features of this fantastic software.

Gusto can file and pay all taxes to the government. You can select the frequency of payment and also run off-cycle payroll to pay bonuses and other expenses.

You can generate and pay 1099 forms to contractors. It has an excellent report management system when it comes to new-hire reporting, payroll history, tax payments, and more.

You can apply for worker’s compensation insurance. You can generate the worker’s compensation claim final quote within 2 days.

Gusto has robust security features with two-factor authentication when you access it from your mobile devices. Gusto verifies the current payroll with the previous payroll. This verification ensures that any unusual activity can be picked up quickly.

The latest introduced feature is 401(k) employees’ retirement plans and 529 college savings plan. Though it comes with an additional cost, it is a good option for employee benefit.

Gusto Payroll Software Integration

Gusto integrates with software such as When I Work, Boomr, Xero and Quickbooks. You can easily import payroll data from old and other company software.

Gusto Payroll Software Customer Support Review

Gusto has online knowledgebase wherein most of the solutions are provided in case of any operational issues. Apart from these, the knowledge library offers information on general topics about business as well. They have a Help button for you to leave a message. Overall ratings for customer service is 5 out of 5.

Gusto Payroll Reviews – Ease of Use 

The simple yet powerful software is easy to download and use. The customers don’t find any issues while dealing with the software. The menu is easy to browse and to select the right option. Hence it has been rated 5 out of 5.

How a small businessman can use Gusto Payroll software?

The features offered by Gusto and its usability make Gusto the popular choice for small businesses. It provides complete payroll management with its comprehensive set of tools. The interface allows full automation. Right from payroll to tax calculation, payment and timesheets, Gusto can handle it all. The prices are incredibly competitive and affordable. Hence Gusto is the right choice for small businesses.

From the employee management aspect, there are loads of features. For instance, “welcome wall” wherein employees can leave a welcome note for the new hires. Then there is a birthday reminder to send out messages. The employees can have lifetime access to paychecks and W-2. Even if the employee quits the company, he can still have access.

The Flexible Pay option enables you to grant advance to the employees in need. The newly introduced benefits and insurance plans for the employee are commendable. All these benefits and features make the employees feel good. It boosts their morale and motivates them to work more efficiently.

A team of happy and highly productive, motivated employees is an employer’s dream!

Conclusion – Gusto Payroll Software Review

Gusto is a smart software that has brought together payroll services, compliance, employee benefits and workers’ compensation under one system. Gusto doesn’t need any hardware and is easily accessible through mobile phones. It has an autopilot option wherein the payroll schedule can be set up. The tax filing and tax payments are also well taken care of. You can choose any one of the three cost-effective price plans that fit your business and budget. It takes care of the contractor’s payment as well. Payroll software with so many attractive features has to be the best!