HubSpot Review for Small Businesses

The technique to draw customers to your products and services by using content, social media, and SEO marketing are called inbound marketing. Social media campaigns on Facebook are the best example of inbound marketing. In short, inbound marketing helps businesses to attract the right people or rather people who are willing to buy your products. Let’s check the HubSpot review.

What is HubSpot? – An Overview of the Company

HubSpot is a software company that has developed products for inbound marketing. It provides a cloud software tool you need to market your products and services. You can use the landing pages of HubSpot and call-to-action elements to generate sales leads from your website.

It also provides lead generation and email marketing tools to ensure the leads generated through the website will get converted into sales. HubSpot also has excellent web analytics tools for you to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and it helps you to design content to pull more visitors to your website.

The free CRM offered by HubSpot helps you generate sales lead in a systematic manner. Through its lead nurturing program, it helps you to increase sales opportunities. Overall, HubSpot is an excellent platform to improve the productivity of your marketing team.

Pros – HubSpot Review

  • HubSpot through its marketing automation platform helps you to develop inbound marketing and build a lasting relationship with your clients
  • HubSpot offers an all in one solution platform for client management and your marketing and sales management
  • The marketing tools are easy to use for your employees
  • HubSpot has in-built Content management system which is easy to use across various channels
  • You can send timely and relevant emails to your existing and potential clients using the automated email services
  • HubSpot CRM is free to use, and you can continue to use it even when you unsubscribe from HotSpot service

Cons – HubSpot Review

  • CRM is not relevant for large businesses

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot offers four main products. The pricing is different for the products offered. The CRM hub is free to use. All four products offer a free plan with limited features. The Starter plan for Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub will cost $50/month. You will get basic features for each Hub plus one free user.

The Professional Plan for Marketing Hub is $800/month, and for Sales and Service, it is $400/month. The Enterprise Plan for Marketing Hub is $3200/month and $1200 for Sales and Service Hub. It supports 10 free users. The Growth Suite with all the 3 Hubs combined is for $113/month for Starter Plan – 1 free user, $1200/month for Professional Plan – 5 free users, and $4200/month for 10 free users.

Features Overview of HubSpot

The four main tools that HubSpot offers are CRM Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. Let’s focus on each of its features.

CRM Hub is the Customer Relationship Management essential to generate leads:

  • You can track sales leads
  • You can create timelines for customer interactions
  • It can be integrated with Gmail and Outlook
  • You can assign goals and tasks for your team and efficiently track the progress

Marketing Hub is aimed at marketers and marketing teams:

  • You can create campaigns for email marketing
  • You can develop an SEO strategy
  • You can get complete reporting and analytics details
  • You can manage content

The Sales Hub is for expert sales teams as it has full advanced sales features:

  • You get email templates to use. You can track email and receive notifications
  • You can schedule meetings
  • It also gives you insights about contacts and company

The Service Hub is for Customer support:

  • It offers you ticketing, live chat, conversation bots, canned snippets and more

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot integrates with all SQL based applications. It integrates with tools like SalesForce, Join. Me, Survey Monkey, and Zapier.

Customer support review for HubSpot

The customer support for HubSpot is rated highly for its professionalism and quick responses. You can connect with them over email, phone, and live chat. They explain in detail so that you don’t face the same issue again.

Ease of use HubSpot Review

The features are displayed in a simple manner, and hence you can navigate with ease and use all the tools that HubSpot has to offer. No coding is needed, and the templates are easy to use. HubSpot defines technical terms, and it adds to the understanding of the user. You also have video tutorials and live chats to help you out.

How a Small Businessman can Use HubSpot?

If you are looking for focused lead generation through your website, then HubSpot is a must-have. Small businesses with a sales team can hugely benefit from this marketing automation. Right from content generation to SEO optimization and promotion, HubSpot is an excellent tool for small businesses. You can use HubSpot to create quality content and manage the campaign flow as per the nurtured lead. You can schedule an automated email to the customer at the time it will be most effective and help you to close the deal. HubSpot is an excellent tool used rightly and helps in the business grow tremendously.

Conclusion – HubSpot Review

Inbound marketing is a term coined by HubSpot. It was started in 2005 and has changed the face of traditional marketing. It helps you align the marketing, sales, and service team to deliver excellent customer service. Your website attracts relevant customers with focused content management. The CRM hub, Marketing and Sales hub, and last but not the least, the Service hub – all with its advanced tools manages to give customers a lasting experience and allow you to convert each lead into sales. Though the cost could be on the higher side for small businesses, the overall digital marketing strategy and the boost it gives to your business are worth the price.