RingCentral Review – The Most Reliable Small Business VOIP Service

Gone are the days of traditional phones, call drops, and substantial monthly bills. Traditional telephones are fast being replaced by VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP voice calls are made over IP networks in real-time. It was introduced initially for home-use, but soon it became the best calling solution for businesses. This gave rise to various IP providers offering this service. One of the best providers is RingCentral. Let’s take a look at what Ring central is all about. You can check our unbiased RingCentral review below.

RingCentral Review 2020

What is RingCentral and how does it work?

Ringcentral was founded in 1999. The Company has been providing better and newer ways to connect with people. RingCentral provides one simple solution for messages, voice and video calls, and fax service. It offers versatile customized cloud-based services with no outages. It is easy to set-up and offers affordable plans. RingCentral is one of the most reliable VoIP services for small businesses.

Pros – RingCentral Review

  • With RingCentral, there are no initial set-up costs on hardware. The set-up is done over the Internet. The service is ready to use within 24 hours of set-up
  • It provides a single platform for all kinds of communication like phone and video calls, fax, messaging services, and conference calls and more
  • It offers unlimited phone call, video call and conference call minutes
  • RingCentral also provides personalized Caller IDs
  • Ringcentral can handle over 1000 employees on a single connection
  • With monthly itemized billings you can keep track of your usage
  • It has comprehensive monthly plans
  • The technical support team is efficient

Cons – Ringcentral Review

  • Since the connection is through the internet, any issues with the connection will automatically lead to failure of phone connection
  • The app does not provide voice notes and reminder notes
  • At times when you use Desk phones or headphones, you may encounter static and echo
  • Basic plans give limited options

Ringcentral Pricing Review

Ringcentral offers 4 monthly plans. The basic plan – Essential is for $19.99. It provides unlimited call minutes within the US and Canada. The plan also offers 100 toll-free minutes. Other add-ons are a local number, call management, and voice to text transcriptions.

The Standard plan is for $24.99. Four employees can get into a conference call at a time. Internet fax and auto-attendant are other add-ons. It gives 1,000 toll-free minutes.

The Premium plan offers multi-site support with single sign-on (SSO) with 2500 toll-free minutes. Around 100 participants can sign up for conference meetings. It also offers CRM integrations for SalesForce and Zendesk. The fee is $34.99 per month.

The Ultimate plan is $49.99 per month. You get 10000 toll-free minutes. Around 200 people can log to a conference call. Automatic voice recordings, unlimited fax, and voicemail-to-text are additional offers for people on the Premium and Ultimate plan. Apart from the Essential plan, which supports 4 users rest of the plans support unlimited users.

Features Overview of RingCentral

Ringcentral is known for its quality of service and is subscribed by more than 350,000 companies across the globe. Ringcentral is a complete business phone service through cloud-based technology. It helps to do away with the traditional PBX system. It acts as an auto call management system by handling incoming calls and routing it to the right department.

The call management can be easily customized as per your requirements. RingCentral is not just a call management system but also acts as a fax messenger without the need for a fax machine. You can send and receive SMS & MMS using your phone.

It helps you organize video and teleconferences. Other features include call screening and forwarding. You can play hold music when the caller is put on hold. In short, it offers all the services of traditional phone lines with greater connectivity and low prices.

International calls can also be made using service and the charges are highly economical. You can connect remote teams at different locations using RingCentral. The RingCentral Unified communications app on mobile allows you to use your mobile as a desktop IP phone.

Ringcentral Integration

Ringcentral app can be easily downloaded on MAC, Windows, Android, and iOS systems.
The business Premium plan comes with CRM integration for SalesForce and Zendesk.

Ringcentral Customer Support Review

RingCentral offers excellent 24×7 customer support. The support team offers solutions for all technical issues and handles service related calls efficiently and professionally.

Ringcentral Ease of Usage Rating

The set-up of the service is simple and easy. The app can be downloaded on mobile or desktop for usage. Its interface is user-friendly. We give the service a five on five rating.

How a Small Businessman can use RingCentral?

RingCentral is a complete phone management service. RingCentral can be used for small-sized call centers or businesses with remote teams worldwide. It can also be used for service-related businesses. No matter which line of business you are in, Ringcentral is an excellent service to opt for.

For small businessmen, it does away with the initial set-up cost of PBX or traditional phone line instruments. Huge bills incurred on international calls are drastically reduced. They can use free minutes to make calls within the US and Canada. The amount spent on phone services is low, and the savings are higher. Though the monthly rates with all features like Premium or Ultimate plan can be costly, the features it offers are excellent for small businessmen.

Conclusion RingCentral Review

With various companies providing VoIP services, what sets RingCentral apart is its excellent features, efficient customer support, and competitive pricing plans. Ringcentral is a popular choice for small to mid-sized companies. It is easy to configure and use. It also offers a wide range of customization. The features include Autodialer and call monitoring service. IVR, reporting, and analytics, Cloud PBX are add-ons. It offers a unified communication base. The features and remarkable quality of VoIP service make RingCentral the best VoIP services for small business organizations.