The Best Samsung Tabs in 2020

If you’re looking to purchase a tab or merely looking at upgrading from your current one, then you’ve come to the right place. Tabs can be more than portable TV or a laptop. While looking for a samsung tablet with stylus, we want to get the best our money can buy. Sometimes this can be challenging.

We need our tab to be a replacement for our communication, entertainment, and work. There are certain factors that you must look in to before making your purchase like its speed, battery life, software, display, etc. the list keeps changing constantly.

We have compiled some of Samsung’s best Android Tabs. We are hopeful that you will find a slate that’s good for you.

Best Samsung Tabs Reviews – Samsung Tablet with Stylus

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Pie Tablet Black (2019) – SM-T290NZKAXAR Review


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is a samsung tablet with stylus that is compact. The price segment that it’s available at is at an entry-level. This makes it relatively affordable with some good features. This tab is powerful and sleek, allowing you to watch movies, shows, play games, work, and browse on it. It is very comfortable and light. The tab has a minimum bezel that allows you to view content in a comfortable form. You can now use it while you’re on the go as it is slim and light.

Samsung Tab A 8.0 is designed with an internal memory of 32GB, and that’s not all. If you feel you’re running low on space, you can expand it with a 512GB microSD card. So you can download all the movies, games, apps that you need without any hesitation. It also has dual-speakers with surround sound on it. Once the battery is fully charged, the tab can be used to watch movies, browse, and shop for almost 13 hours. The rare webcam has a resolution of 40MP. The tab has a processor that is Quad Core 2.0 GHz. The tab has a smooth finish giving it a classy look.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great budget tab, and it excels in giving you value for your money. Overall it is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is designed to keep pace with your lifestyle. If you compare it with other models of a similar price range, this model offers more software goodies and smooth performance. All in all, it’s a good investment.


  • Compact
  • Reasonable price
  • 13 hours charge


  • None to mention

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Inch (T510) 32 GB WiFi Tablet Silver (2019) Review


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 samsung tablet with stylus is designed with a wider screen compared to the 8.0. It enhances your cinematic experience with a better quality picture and sound. The surround sound is impressive with Dolby Atmos. It has a sharp solid screen and available at a great price. It has a 10.0 inch 1920×1200 pixel screen; the shape is a bit longer than an iPad. It’s an excellent screen for the given price.

The screen is bright enough to use indoors as well as outdoors. The color is not under saturated or weak. It has smaller borders, which means that you get more screen inches per square inch of the tablet. Software is where we see the most importance. The tab is Android, and the interface is good. The biggest difference compared to other tabs, is the Google app. It has Google Play, as well.

This tab gives you access to every game and app on Android. It is designed to look fancier than most tabs. The software is similar to Android phones and tabs. The tab comes with some pre-installed apps as well. It has an Octa-Core processor.

Samsung tab A 10.1 is great for gaming. You can play most of Android’s high-profile games. This tab also has good cameras; the front camera is five megapixels, and the rare camera is eight megapixels.

Many of us are in the habit of taking pictures from our phones; however, this tab can benefit games and apps that use cameras. It has an auto-focus allowing you to take close-up photos. It can also shoot 1080p videos with both cameras.

The battery life is 13 hours, similar to Tab A 8.0. It also has expandable storage of 512 GB. You can do that by using a Micro SD card. The Samsung Tab A 10.1 is definitely a great upgrade and is worth your money.


  • Excellent sound
  • Clear images
  • Great camera
  • 13 hours battery life


  • Slightly expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 128GB WiFi Tablet Black (2019) Review


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e samsung tablet with stylus seems to be a good balance between productivity tools and a multi-media companion. Its design, audio, and display make sure that you enjoy your binge sessions even when you’re traveling with a great battery backup. It is one of its kinds in the price range that offers versatile features. It is impressively sleek and light in weight for a mid-range tab. This tab focuses on binge-watchers and content customers who might also end up using it to work while traveling. The graphic co-processor is Qualcomm snapdragon 670 that makes gaming enjoyable. The tab offers a WiFi+LTE and WiFi only option. It comes with a three-color option gold, silver, and black.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is designed super slim and light, so you can easily slide it into your purse or bag. Due to its lightweight, you can hold it for long hours, so it becomes easier to use while you’re traveling. It is one of the thinnest tabs on shelves. It has two ports; one for the POGO pin and the other for the USB-C.

The borders on the screen are relatively smaller than the previous tabs. The metal unibody gives it a premium touch. The tab has four speakers each on every end of the tab making the audio surprisingly good. The speakers are crisp and loud, making audio/video consumption a treat. The tab is expected to be good, but in reality, its way better. The display is vibrant and has deeper blacks. It delivers ample vibrancy and excellent clarity while watching a video/movie.

With 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 670, it gives a well-balanced Android experience. It is also good for multitasking. Samsung understands its clients’ needs and supports its tab with an external expandable memory of 512 GB. So you can download all your favorite movies/videos and keep it handy for times when there is no internet. If you’re looking for a media device, S5e is just the tab you need.


  • Sleek
  • Light
  • Great design
  • Great sound system


  • None to mention


Samsung launches more tabs in a year than any of its competitors. They cater to all its clients’ from the high-end models to the more economical ones. This tab range is one of the best-budgeted tabs as the quality and performance put similar tabs to shame. With many smartphones in the market taking over the territory, it is refreshing to see Samsung still with pride flying the Android flag.

The Galaxy tabs manage to one-up with its Android version and software perks. It is one of the best tabs under the price range. Their look and feel is impressive and has top of the line specs. These tabs are apt if you’re looking to work, have fun, or just want to kill some time. Samsung Galaxy Tabs have been the Android tab for many over the years. It is definitely value for your money.