SpyFu Review: Spy on your Competitor’s Keywords and Google Ads

Keywords – Words that people generally use to search when they are looking for specific information. To get more traffic to your website, you would need to use such keywords. Organic keywords are the words used to attract free traffic to your website through SEO. The keywords can be either a single word or a string of words that helps to attract the relevant target audience to your website. Also, with growing competition in the world of content marketing, it is advantageous for you to understand the words used by your competitors to attract traffic to their site. The keywords can either be organic or paid. Let’s check the SpyFu review.

SpyFu Review 2020

What is SpyFu?

SpyFu, as the name suggests, lets you spy on the words used by your competitors and in general so that you can gear up your content using those keywords. Why reinvent the wheel when you can copy it from your competition? You can search the words on the competitor’s domain and in Google searches. You can also check for keywords they have purchased on AdWords. Once you know the keywords used by them, you can analyze what was effective and accordingly employ the same strategy for your success.

Pros – SpyFu Review

  • SpyFu is easy to use and has a simple yet functional dashboard
  • SpyFu is an excellent tool for SEO and SEM
  • It helps you to get an insight on the spending done by your competitors on PPC (Pay per click)
  • It is an excellent tool to track new keywords used in paid and organic searches
  • The basic tracking of keywords used comes at an economical price
  • SpyFu helps in designing an advertising campaign using keywords easy
  • It has a Google database of over 13 years

Cons – SpyFu Review

  • SpyFu can be a little expensive for small business

SpyFu Pricing

You can have the option of choosing any one of the three plans that SpyFu has to offer. The Basic plan is for $39/month that can give you 250 sales and domain contacts, and 5k weekly tracked words ranking.

The Professional plan is for $78/month. It gives you 500 sales and domain contacts, and 15k weekly tracked words rankings. It also gives 10k API access.

The Team plan is ideal for teams who need five user accounts. The cost is $299/month, and you get 2000 sales leads and contacts.

All three plans give you unlimited search results, data reports, and domain overview. The Basic plan is ideal for someone who doesn’t need API access. You can avail discounted pricing if you opt for yearly billing. It leads to substantial savings. You can also avail of the free one-month trial offer to check if it suits your requirements.

Features Overview of SpyFu

SpyFu provides data on any website with regards to the organic search performance. The main SEO dashboard of SpyFu includes information about organic traffic and its value in a month, the list of keywords gainers and losers. The SEO keyword report helps you understand the top organic keywords for any website. You can access the keywords that are sort by categories like most valuable keyword, newly ranked keyword, page one keywords, and more.

Under the Keyword group report, you can know the topics for which a particular website ranks best and also the order in which the topic has been presented. Using the PPC Ad history, you can spy on your competitor’s marketing campaign. The other features include a competitive analysis to understand your competitor’s online marketing strategy.

Customer Support Review for SpyFu

The customer support is available through phone, email, and chat on business days and hours. The overall review is excellent, as the professionals are well-equipped and resourceful to help you out with any issues. Emails are responded to within TAT with resolutions. You can also get in touch with them anytime using the support form.

Ease of Use SpyFu Review

Considering the volume of data SpyFu gives you with one search, it is relatively easy to use. The dashboard is well-laid and easy to navigate. SpyFu generates various reports based on your search results. The reports are clear and easy to comprehend. The reports are graphically presented for clearer understanding. For ease of use, SpyFu gets top ratings.

How a Small Businessman can Use SpyFu?

A wrong keyword on your landing page may bring in traffic to your website, but is it relevant? You need to understand the intent behind the search to increase traffic that will be relevant and beneficial to your business. The amount of time and effort to get the right keywords is a back-breaking process.

SpyFu’s advanced SEO keyword research helps to improve your performance in an online search. It not only helps you with the marketing tactics of your competitors but also safeguards you from committing the mistakes made by them.

It helps you to identify high-value keywords that you can use for organic and paid search campaigns. You can use the various reports generated to improve your marketing campaign. SpyFu is the only company that specializes in the keyword search, and hence it gives you full value for money.

Conclusion – SpyFu Review

In today’s world of digitalization, most of the data is available online. You will need a tool like SpyFu to get more insights and to use such data to your advantage. SpyFu is more than just spying on your competitor’s moves; it is more about keeping oneself updated and how to use such voluminous data to improve your marketing campaign.

Each of the tools created by SpyFu gives you accurate insights about SEO, keywords, and AdWords that your competitor has bid for. The easy to use graphs help you to design the sales pitch and offer them your potential customers.

SpyFu is a much-needed tool for a business that is starting their online presence journey and also for companies to improve the one that they already have. SpyFu is a must-have tool for Digital Marketing.