Square Payroll Review: The Easiest Payroll Software for Small Business

It is quite a cumbersome task to calculate contractors’ or employees’ work hours, pay, taxes, and other benefits on a regular basis. For small businesses, it would be a costly option to employ someone for managing payroll. In the age of digitalization, there are various types of software that can take of the entire payroll systems and its execution efficiently. Square Payroll is one of the best systems to have, especially for small businesses. Check our unbiased Square Payroll review below.

Square Payroll Review 2020

What is Square Payroll?

Square Payroll provides an entire range of payroll and other administrative functions on a single platform. Square Payroll is the must-have for a company that has employee strength of up to 100. It is simple to use, and you need not be a payroll expert to handle the software. Whether you have salaried people, contractors or people working on an hourly basis, Square Payroll takes care of their pay, taxes, and holidays efficiently.

Pros – Square Payroll Review

  • Square Payroll is easy to use and nav igate. It takes under 5 minutes to calculate the pay of 5 employees
  • The contractor-only plan comes with a monthly base fee
  • You can seamlessly integrate with Square software including Square POS
  • It takes care of worker’s compensation, 401(k), and healthcare
  • It gives real-time access to payroll report to employees
  • The software gets updated regularly and hence features offered keep getting better
  • The customer support team is highly efficient
  • Cons – Square Payroll Review
  • The software has few glitches at times
  • The reporting features are limited
  • There is no 24X7 customer support system

Square Payroll Pricing

There are two plans offered by Square Payroll. The Contractors’ only plan is free, as it does not have a base monthly fee. You have to pay $5/contractor per month. You will have limited access to payroll services. The Employee and contractors’ combined plan is $29/month. Also, you will have to pay $5/month per employee or contractor. It doesn’t offer a free trial or a free version.

Features Overview of Square Payroll

The best feature of Square Payroll is its administrative functions. You can calculate the pay of employees, both for salaried as well contract on an hourly basis with accuracy. It can calculate the taxes as per payroll compliance. The software also files federal and states taxes on time. It can calculate employee overtime as well. The software gives you the option to run payroll multiple times. You can also schedule the payroll payment cycle. Your business can make salary payments either through direct bank deposit or by issuing a cheque. You can generate reports for new-hires, track sick-leaves, and paid time off. The Square Payroll app is easily downloadable on any mobile device. You can sync your employee’s timecard with the app. The employees and contractors can have access to their payroll dashboard. In short, you can do away with your accountant and handle your company payroll efficiently.

Square Payroll Integration

Square Payroll integrates with the Square POS system. It also seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online for accounting purposes. The Square payroll app is easily downloadable on the iOS and Android systems.

Customer Support – Square Payroll Review

There are many reviews about the efficiency of the Customer support team. Be it the software glitches or operational issues or about pricing or plans, you don’t have to worry. The team handles all queries professionally and resolves all the problems. You can contact them over the phone. They also have a support center option. You can search for solutions for various topics at the portal. They also have an email support team.

Ease of usage

This highly-rated app is straightforward and easy to use. The dashboard is interactive. Though no training is provided on how to use Square Payroll, the user can easily browse through the options and quickly learn to use the system. For the ease of use, we give them a 5 on 5 ratings.
How can a small businessman use Square Payroll?

A small business has fewer salaried employees, may have contractors and people working on hourly-basis. Square Payroll is designed specifically for small businesses. It takes care of the entire payroll, taxation, compensation, benefits, and more of businesses that employ less than 100 employees.
When it comes to affordability, the monthly fees are highly reasonable. You get access to all the features of the payroll system which is great. In case you deal only with contractors, then you can opt for the contractor’s plan wherein there are no monthly base fees. You need not employ a professional or an accountant to handle your pay and taxes. You can handle it yourself through Square Payroll. Hence you save on the salary that you would have to give your accountant. Square Payroll is the best payroll software for small businesses.

Conclusion Square Payroll

Square began its journey in the year 2009. Since then, the company has been growing leaps and bounds. This payroll software is an excellent system which gives reliable service. You get the system at a great price. The friendly customer support team makes it a very easy to use system. The services offered by the company are a boon to small businesses.

Square Payroll is one of the most exceptional services offered by Square Company. It gives you a complete payroll service package. As a small businessman, getting so many features as such a reasonable amount is great.

You can easily switch to Square Payroll from other software systems. The ease at which you can calculate the pay, generate new hire reports, calculate and pay taxes and benefits is what makes it the best provider. You can run payroll cycle multiple times in a month at no extra cost and schedule the pay cycle. The employees and contractors get complete access to their payroll reports. It also takes care of worker’s compensation. You can integrate it with Square POS and the Quickbooks Online System. All this at an affordable cost! Square Payroll is the best deal that you can get for a payroll system for a small business.