Square Review: Simple Credit Card Processing and POS for Small Business

In this world of digitization, there is no room for cash transactions. Most of the sales transactions that happen today are settled through a credit card. For small businesses, it is imperative to have a credit card processing service or POS – Point of Sales service. Due to the high fees of card processing services, having POS service becomes a costly affair for small businesses. Here Square comes as a saviour. Square offers credit card processing services at an affordable cost. Check our unbiased Square Review below.>

Square Review in 2020

What is Square POS? 

Square was started in the year 2009. It came up with a simple solution for credit card processing, especially for small businesses. The app is easy to sign up to, and the free hardware dongle helps businessmen to accept credit card payments via their mobile phones. Square POS offers order and inventory management options, among other features.>

Pros – Square Review 

Square POS app is free to download and use. It works well on iOS and Android operating systems. It also integrates with the e-commerce platform. The processing of the credit card transactions is secure on Square POS. All you need is a credit card reader and smartphone. Apart from credit cards, Square POS can accept payment via debit card, smart cards, and other types of cards. The payment processing fees are low and hence it is a good option for low-volume merchants. There are no monthly fees.>

Cons – Square Review 

Square POS is not suitable for businesses with a large number of transactions. The processing fee is a percentage of the sales done. Hence it becomes expensive for companies with a large volume of transactions. The report generated doesn’t give complete details of transactions.>

Square POS Pricing for credit card processing

The fee structure is transparent. 2.6% + 0.10 per transaction is the flat fee to process credit card payment in the store. For a keyed-in sale, the costs per transaction are 3.5% + $0.15. And for online transactions, the fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. There are no monthly or base fees, statement charges or any other kind of payments.>

Features overview of Square POS for credit card processing

Square POS offers POS services for micro-businesses and e-commerce, Retail, and Restaurants. All you need to do is sign up for the Square account by providing the necessary details and bank information. You get a free magstripe card that you can connect to your tablet or mobile phone. You can start accepting payment immediately. The funds received from the customer are transferred to your bank account within a couple of business days. >

Apart from these benefits, Square POS gives you essential inventory management. You can organize your products as per categories and export the list to an excel file. You can upload pictures of your products as well. >

When you accept payment from customers, you can save their name, location, and shopping preferences and build your customer directory. For frequent customers, you can save the credit card details – with their permission. The payment can be settled during their next purchase. The security system of Square POS is reliable, and hence the details are secure. >

Also, you can give customer loyalty points and build a massive base for your business. You can design loyalty points programs of your choice. Square POS also has a feature of Employee management wherein you can manage employees at multiple locations. >

One of the best features is the offline mode. You can swipe the card in the offline mode and process the transactions once you get connected to the internet. No risk of losing a customer in case of a connection outage.>

Square POS Integration

Square POS integrates with various software platforms for bookkeeping, e-commerce, and more. It has API for integration hence can be combined with other POS systems like Zen and TouchBistro.>

Square POS Customer Support Review

Square POS has efficient customer support. It also has an online knowledge center wherein you can get all the necessary information. However, to speak to a customer support professional, you need to have a customer code. So prospective customers can’t get a resolution for their queries. They will need to visit the official website.>

Square Review – Ease of Usage Rating

As discussed earlier, the sign-in and setting up a Square account is easy and quick. The Square app syncs well with Square POS. The analytical tools are easy to use, and you can browse through the sales details and other features. We give excellent ratings – 5 out of 5 for ease of use.>

How a Small Businessman use Square POS for credit card processing?

Square POS is specially designed keeping micro, small businesses and start-ups in mind. It is best when the total sales transaction is below $10,000 – $20,000 per month. Because in this range, Square POS is highly affordable. Even for setting-up, there aren’t any costs involved, and the dongle is free to use. Moreover, they don’t have a minimum processing requirement either, pay when the sales happen. The offline sales option gives you excellent mobility. >

Also, sole proprietors or professionals can accept payment via credit card instead of cash. It also caters to various kinds of business and provides a customized solution. There is no delay in the transfer of funds into your bank account. The app security is robust keeping all your business and client details secure. All this makes it a good option for a small businessman to get Square POS for processing all types of card payments. >

Conclusion – Square Review 

Square POS is a free to use app, and it works on mobile phones, tablets and iPhones. It doesn’t need a particular sales commitment and integrates well with other accounting software. The flat and fixed processing rate brings in transparency. Along with this, it offers a wide range of features like stock management, >loyalty program for customers>, employee management, and more. It is the best and affordable credit card processing system for small businesses. >