Surface Pro Review for Small Businesses

Are you looking for the perfect laptop for your small business? Look no further as Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro. It has the attention to detail similar to Microsoft’s other Surface machines. Microsoft Surface Pro has a futuristic quality and is sturdy as a rock. Let’s check an unbiased Surface Pro review.

Surface Pro Review in 2020

What is Surface Pro?

Surface Pro is a thin and light-weight computer. It is a 2-in-1 versatile business laptop. It can be used in laptop mode by attaching a keyboard, tablet mode, and studio mode. Surface Pro has an Instant-On feature and boots quickly. It is made possible by the 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake Core processor. It switches between CPU states fast. It is an upgraded version of Surface Pro 6. And Surface Pro 2017 is pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro version.

Pros – Surface Pro Review

Surface Pro has a sleek, thin design and is lightweight to carry around. It weighs only 1.7lb. It gives exceptional notebook performance. The battery lasts for 10.5 hours, and 80% of the battery gets charged within an hour. It comes with the Intel 10th Gen Core processor, which gives a massive boost to its speed. The surface pen is accurate and faster. This is one of the best business tools that you can have in your arsenal. The machine allows you to deliver your best.

Cons – Surface Pro Review

Surface Pro tends to go into hibernate mode randomly. You may experience “backlight bleed” wherein the backlight of Surface Pro is visible on a dark color background. The add-ons like Signature type cover and Surface pen are costly. Surface Pro does not have USB-C.

Pricing – Surface Pro Review

The ultra-sleek Surface Pro has a starting price of $799. For this pricing, the configuration is Core m3 processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB storage. You will get Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB storage for $1299. The top of the line model with a Core i7 processor will cost $2699.

You can buy add-ons like the Type cover for 129.99 and Surface Pen for $99.99. All the models come pre-loaded with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 – 30 days free trial version.

Features – Surface Pro Review

The Surface Pro 2017 with Intel Core i5 processor is fanless and hence doesn’t make any noise. The display screen is 12.3 inches. It has got an innovative kick-stand. You can place it on the kick-stand while using it in laptop mode. Lower and angle the kick-stand when you use it in Studio mode for writing and drawing. You can close it entirely and use it in the tablet mode.

Surface Pro 2017 comes with multiple port selection. It has one USB 3 and Mini Display port each. The MicroSD slot is behind the kickstand. You have one headphone jack and a port for charging. The Signature Type cover comes in attractive colors with backlit keys. The type cover comes with Alcantara fabric. The design of the keyboard is perfect for comfortable typing.

The keyboard automatically switches off when folded. You can easily switch between laptop or tablet mode. The Surface Pen gives you excellent control and higher sensitivity. It has precision ink point at one end and an eraser on the other. You can write or draw with accuracy. The Windows 10 Pro is pre-loaded with Mail, Calendar, People, Xbox (app), Photos, Movies and TV, Groove, and Microsoft Edge.

Surface Pro Integration

Surface Pro supports iOS via iPhone to Surface Transfer app. This app is available on the Syncios website.

Customer Support Review for Surface Pro 

Microsoft support team is professional and prompt with their services over the phone. The details about warranty and service assistance are mentioned on the company’s official website. Surface pro help has a knowledge library offering you solutions for almost all of the issues. It provides 90 days of free technical support on the phone. Also, it provides 12 months of in-store technical support. The customer support rating is excellent.

Surface Pro Review – Ease of use

How you can switch between 3 modes of usage gives you a clear indication of its ease of use. The Kaby Lake Dual-core processors boot the system fast. The well-designed Type Cover is comfortable for typing. The Microsoft Precision touchpad though a little small has a smooth surface, which gives you perfect mouse control. The lightweight model provides greater mobility. For ease of use, it gets a 5 out of 5 rating.

How a Small Businessman can use Surface Pro?

Surface Pro, with its futuristic dynamic design, is a must-have for small businesses. Impress your clients with its sleek design and advanced features. It is super thin, with a thickness of 7.3mm and is light in weight. You can easily carry it on your business travel.

The 7th generation Kaby Lake Dual Intel Core processors give you excellent processing speed. The studio mic is designed for the best conference call experience. The clarity of voice dictation in Microsoft Office apps is remarkable. It is supported by a 5.0-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls. It comes with Microsoft Office 365. You can experience it for free for 30 days and later sign-up for it. You can use Office 365 to edit documents and create impressive presentations for business.

Using the surface pen, you can sketch professional designs. The PixelSense display of 2736×1824 resolution works well during a business presentation. With powerful features of Windows 10, Surface Pro 2017 is a must-have for small businesses.

Conclusion – Surface Pro Review

Surface Pro 2017 is the clear winner in the segment of innovative product design. It not only has the looks but is highly efficient due to its system speed and other features. The various applications run smoothly on the Windows 10 platform. The versatility of usage in laptop, studio, and tablet mode is impressive. The laptop range starts at $799, and you can customize it with add-ons based on your requirement. It is an excellent choice for solepreneurs, freelance artists and designers, and small business owners on the go.