WeWork Review

WeWork is the largest coworking space / shared office space company. We highly recommend them at SMB Resource for small business office space. WeWork was ideated by a simple thought that people should enjoy working in the office as they spend almost 9-10 hours at work. The office space needs to have an ambience that inspires and motivates people to perform at best of their capacity. Lets jump into this WeWork review

WeWork is not just an office space. It is a community of like-minded people redefining success based on their personal fulfillment. It is community that supports creators and forward thinking businesses around the world.

WeWork space services offer their clients a 12-month free Global access membership. This access allows you unlimited access to 475+ WeWork locations in 100 cities and 27 countries.

WeWork was started in the year 2010 and has its headquarters in New York. It was founded by MiquelMcKelvey, Adam Neumann and Rebekah Neumann. Since its launch it has grown leaps and bounds with shared workplaces and office spaces not just in USA but across the world.

How does the WeWork concept work?

WeWork offers workspace solutions. If you are a part of a start-up or an established business house, WeWork has practical affordable workspace solutions for you. 

  1. Standard office

One can book private space in a WeWork building. You can have access to various amenities and conference rooms. Here you can choose either dedicated desk or hot desk.

Dedicated desk is a desk reserved for you in the shared office. A hot desk is an open space/seat in the common area. You get to choose new spots every day you come.

The other type of dedicated desk is inside the lockable office. 

If you are a part of starts-ups you have an option of choosing Labs desk wherein you not only get desk space but also can avail mentoring services offered by professionals.

This option is best suited for entrepreneurs or companies having small team of less than 100.  You have access to shared meeting rooms and lounges. You can avail the facility of micro roasted coffee and printing services.

  1. Office suites

You can rent large office spaces for your team of 1 to 250 people. You can have access to meeting rooms, executive support and operational support. All this comes with private amenities. Desks placements are unique to encourage maximum productivity from your team with no distractions at all. Your team has access to phone booths, pantry executive office. The conference rooms are equipped with high quality A/V.

  1. Headquarters

If you want your own branding, separate entrance to office and private amenities then you can choose the floor plan wherein an entire floor is designated to you. You can comfortably fit in a team of 50-250 people. This is the best option to avoid unnecessary expenditure of renting out new property. In a vibrant workspace employees are motivated to work in harmony. 

  1. Customized office space

In a customized office space plan, WeWork scouts for a property for you and gets you the best deal. In this way you can avoid long term lease or any capital expenditure. The building is smartly designed to meet your requirements with a touch of flourish from WeWork. You and your team can move into new workplace within a short span of time.

The operations are also handled by WeWork. It includes front-desk services, taking care of utilities and security. WeWork also helps you to organize employee events.

This place can house a team anywhere from 50 to 500+ people.

Virtual Offices – WeWork Review

Features of Wework:

  • The rentals are economical
  • It gives access to workspace across 485+ locations in 27+ countries 
  • It has a professional network of 500,000 members
  • 60% of WeWork members generate new business using the app based professional network
  • It offers discounts on various products like health insurance, cleaning, etc
  • It offers more than just chairs and tables. It provides best collaborative spaces for individuals and teams. 
  • It provides a single platform for workplace tasks and services
  • It reduces any risk due to renting or owning of office spaces. It also curbs unnecessary expenses of setting up new regional offices 
  • You can choose the best location for setting up office and stay ahead of competition
  • It helps you to set up your business and provides workspace across global locations as and when needed at marginal rates compared to setting up office or renting hotel to be used as temporary office
  • It offers events space for conferences and celebrations. It has private venues for such events and can house up to 400 people
  • You can exit the lease earlier than the contractual duration 
  • Its creativity and the thought process that goes into building office spaces create a positive vibes and the space inspires innovation.
  • It helps employees make strong connections at work and brings out the relevance of co-working
  • It has broker partnership program and works in collaboration with brokers
  • It has various employee community groups for people from various countries, for LGBTQ, for Women, for Veterens, for parents, etc.

WeWork breathes life into space sharing. It has slowly and gradually built-up a community of bringing people closer and encourages them to experience life together. It leads with positivity and works in every manner to implement its mission statement. It not only provides workspace but it also helps communities in need. WeWork Refugees initiative is one such example wherein it has pledged to hire 1,500 refugees.

Conclusion – WeWork Review

To conclude WeWork is a win-win collaboration for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses wherein they can have their own office space without investing huge amounts. Companies can easily set up their fully functional regional offices or international offices at fraction of the cost and time they would normally have to invest. For brokers and landlords it opens up a new tenant market with minimal risk. It is doing very well for the community at large through its various initiatives. 

An innovative and highly functional office and workspace at affordable cost at various location across the world is what WeWork is all about.