Wistia Review: Best Video Hosting

Videos have a unique appeal to grab the audience’s attention. It has a strong auditory, visual, and emotional appeal. That is the reason why it is so popular on social media today. Video generates 1200% more response than text or images. Many companies have jumped into this bandwagon of video marketing.

Videos are hosted on online platforms that enable the user to upload multiple videos, store it, and play back the video for their audiences. A good video hosting site should provide services like customization of video display, secure download options, live streaming, collaboration, and more.

Wistia Review 2020

One such company that stands out in this market is Wistia. Do check our unbiased Wistia Review below:

What is Wistia?

Wistia was founded in the year 2008 and was a video hosting platform for individual videos. With time, Wistia has evolved and is now the top contender for the best video hosting platform on the market. You can create your channel on Wistia for your video series. It offers various customization options. The tools enable you to gauge the impact of the videos on the audiences and provides various video marketing tools.

Pros – Wistia Review

  • Wistia offers a free account with various features.
  • It is easy to download and use.
  • You can use a high bandwidth limit, and it generates video sitemaps.
  • It allows team collaboration enabling you to share videos internally.
  • You can mark such videos as private as well.
  • Wistia creates detailed analytics for your video for you to check the impact of the video.
  • The customer support team has been rated as excellent.
  • It integrates with various apps seamlessly.

Cons – Wistia Review

  • You will have the Wistia logo on your video if you hold a free account with it.
  • In case you exceed your bandwidth limit, then you will need to shell out extra money for the same.
  • Privacy settings for videos are available only for paid accounts.
  • A few social media sites do not support a few of its features.

Wistia Pricing

All 3 plans of Wistia come with standard features of customizable player, unlimited users, integrations and video tools, and video analytics.

Wistia gives you an option to choose a free account to get you started. It gives you 1 channel without an embedding option. The subscriber limit is up to 250. The limit per month for video upload is 3.

The Pro plan is for businesses that focus on video marketing. You can upload 10 videos per month. The price is $99 per month. For additional video uploads, you need to pay 25 cents each per month. Pro plan allows you to have 1 channel. You can brand your video, and it sends a notification to your channel subscribers. You can have 250 channel subscribers.

With the Advanced Wistia plan, you can have multiple channels with more than 250 subscribers. It provides premium integration with HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo. You can upload 100 free videos per month. The Advanced plan is ideal for companies looking to build brand and growth through video marketing. The price for Advanced differs from company to company depending upon the features they choose. All the 3 plans come with Video A/B testing. Wherein you can compare 2 videos of yours and determine the best depending upon the test results.

Features Overview – Wistia Review

Wistia is loaded with features. You can customize the player as per your requirement. You can use interactive tools for your audience. Video heat maps, viewing trends, and engagement graphs are video analytics you can use to gauge viewer’s responses. The videos can be easily embedded and shared. You can create unlimited users for the account. Other premium features include email to channel subscribes and calls to action. You can track viewing history. It also provides video SEO and sitemaps. You can also restrict the domains that may perform video embedding.

Wistia Integration

Zoom integrates with HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, Pardot, WordPress, and Google Analytics. You can even get premium integration with Facebook custom audiences with the advanced monthly plan.

Customer Support – Wistia Review

The customer support is rated excellent for providing detailed and timely resolution of issues. Even free account users can have access to customer support. They help you out with specific instructions and links to resolve any problems related to Wistia.

Ease of Use – Wistia Review

The set-up is easy to understand and use. The options available for you are centralized. Hence it becomes easy to navigate, upload, and to customize the videos. For new users, they have video lessons and written instructions for self-learning. The topics cover the basics as well as the advanced features. The layout of the website is clean and systematic. For ease of use, it gets a top rating of 5/5.

How a Small Business can Use Wistia

Video marketing builds greater brand credibility faster. With the advent of social media, more and more businesses are getting into video marketing and networking. Customer recall is higher for a product or service using video marketing. Small businesses can thrive using digital marketing. Wistia is the best platform to start with as it gives lifetime free user account. The 3 free video uploads a month give your business a boost. You get to create your channel and create a subscriber base. All this at negligible cost. Using video analytics tools, you get instant feedback about your videos and interested generated by video for your products and services. Hence for small businesses, Wistia is a must.

Conclusion – Wistia Review

We can go on and on about the features Wistia has to offer. The high bandwidth enables you to upload videos within seconds. They can be played on mobile and desktop. The buffering time is very minimal. The customization of player and video analytics tops the chart. You can track the history and know which part of the video was reviewed again. The time trend feature allows you to track your video’s performance over a period of time. All this helps not only to create a great video, but it also enables you to understand your customer’s preferences and choices. You can use this understanding to influence the customer’s purchasing pattern.