Wix Review: Should you use it to build your Website?

You could be in the service rendering business or could be dealing in various products. Whatever is your type of business, digital presence is the need of the hour. Your customers can have easy access to your products and services as digital presence gives you optimum visibility through websites and social media. You need not invest a considerable sum to build a fully functional website. In fact you can create professional website all by yourself and the way you want it to be. Let’s check the Wix review.

Wix Review 2020

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based website development company. You can create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using the online tools at Wix offers. Wix is perfect for building either a small business website or a personal website. The company was founded in 2006, and the user base has crossed 150 million in the year 2019. The powerful technology that helps to build a professional, functional, and creative website is the reason for the increasing popularity of Wix.

Pros – Wix Review

  • The design templates are upgraded regularly. Hence you can use the drag and drop designs and create a personalized website. You have more than 100 fully customizable templates available
  • The backend interface is easy to use. Hence the first-timers can Wix easily create a webpage
  • Wix provides guidelines about how to use templates and design them as per your needs. This feature is available for the free plan users as well
  • You can choose to upgrade from a free plan to a monthly subscription plan with low fees. The subscription can be canceled anytime
  • Your website is hosted on the Wix server, and the security is robust. All your details and information are secure
  • The customer service is excellent as it provides timely resolutions to all the issues you might face while using Wix. Wix also has an interactive FAQ page

Cons – Wix Review

  • The basic plan features Wix based advertisements on your website. You will need to upgrade to costlier plans to remove ads from your website
  • Wix does not offer unlimited storage with any of its plans
  • You can’t have more than 30 pages as it tends to slow the editor to load the page.
  • SEO Wizard doesn’t provide the latest tools for SEO

Wix Pricing

You can register as a free user on Wix and use free templates and designs to create your website. The free subscription will be inclusive of Wix advertisements on your site. However, to get professional features, domain name, and web hosting, you will need to upgrade to any one of their paid plans.

With the first plan Connect Domain as the name suggests, you can connect your domain to Wix site for $5/month. The Combo plan is for a $13/month ideal for professionals. You will get 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage.

With the Unlimited plan, you get unlimited bandwidth and 10GB storage. The plan will cost you $17/month. This plan is suitable for small businesses and freelancers. The plan Pro is for $22/month, which comes with complete branding services for your website, and the Plan VIP is for $39/month.

The VIP plan is best suited for large e-commerce businesses. Both plans offer unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage. All paid plans except for Connect Domain are Wix advertisement free.

Features Overview of Wix

Wix has more than 150 million users based across 190 different countries. It gives an affordable and simple option to create a website. Wix is a combination of the classic template and AI platform. This combination gives you the option to choose your template and then drag and drop the content you need on your website. You can pick various widgets and apps for your website from the Wix App market feature. External applications can be easily integrated with Wix.

The SEO capabilities of Wix has improved over a period of time. It allows you to edit titles, Meta descriptions, and alt tags. You can have 301 redirects as well. Wix has a contact form builder, and you can find creative apps through the Wix app store. For people with advanced coding skills can customize API interactions using JavaScript.

Wix Integration

You can choose various marketing integration for your websites. Wix integrates with Hubspot, Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, to name a few.

Customer Support Review for Wix

You can quickly get solutions for most of the issues through the interactive FAQ session. You will find a detailed explanation which is easy to understand even for first-timers. You can also connect to customer support over email and telephone. The team is efficient to handle the queries and provide resolutions on time.

Ease of Use Wix Review

For ease of use, Wix gets 5 out of 5 ratings. The selection of templates to the customization of your website is a smooth transition. First-timer website creators can use the Wix ADI system for configuring the site. You can also make use of the introductory videos that clearly explain various functions.

How a Small Businessman can Use Wix?

A functional and attractive website is a must-have for all businesses. Wix gives an affordable option to create a website, especially for small businesses. The features that Wix offer can be used to market your business and generate substantial business through your website. Even if not for lead generation and increasing your business, even having a site only for an online presence is worth it.

You can manage all your contacts from the My Account dashboard feature and organize it well. The Wix Shout-out can make attractive e-newsletters. You can also set up automated emails. Easy integration with social media platforms expands your social media presence.

Conclusion – Wix Review

With more than 100 templates and various customization options and apps, you can make a good and functional website. The affordability of the service makes it a wise choice for small businesses, freelancers, and professionals. You can have a comprehensive online presence and market your services and products effectively using the Wix website developer.