Your YouTube name is most possibly the first thing your viewers will see on your YouTube channel or vlog. It is, therefore, essential to come up with an attractive and appealing name that will entice people to not only stream your videos but also attract subscribers to your channel. Although content creation is essential to sustaining a YouTube channel, the first thing that attracts people to your channel or vlog is a catchy and appealing name. 

Statistics have shown that YouTube is an essential marketing tool for businesses as it aids in generating traffic and revenue. As the second largest search engine and the most visited after Google, YouTube has over 2 billion active users. With the competition growing daily, vlog owners need to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to pick a YouTube name that will portray your identity and brand.

Having a good YouTube username is equivalent to creating and building your business brand. In this post, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 YouTube name generators that have achieved high-ranking results from professional vlogs and vloggers. 

Tips on How to Pick a YouTube Name for Your Vlog

  • Make your channel name descriptive. 
  • Choose a category for your YouTube channel name. 
  • Make your YouTube channel name unique and outstanding. 
  • Check for social media and domain name availability. 
  • Use words that can be easily spelled and pronounced. 
  • Analyze the names of your favorite YouTube channels and what makes them unique. 
  • Avoid using random numbers to make your channel easy to discover. 
  • Make your YouTube name simple and avoid using phrases that are difficult to pronounce.
  • Choose a name that is easy to remember for your viewers. 

Top 10 YouTube Name Generators 

SpinXO is an intelligent YouTube name generator that enables you to create personalized name ideas. The interactive and attractive interface of SpinXO makes it one of the most visited and trusted name generator for YouTubers. SpinXO also enables you to generate social media handles with your name, nickname, or random words that can be used to describe your brand. To develop a YouTube name on SpinXO, simply enter a name, nickname, or keywords and click SPIN to find the perfect name for your vlog. Optionally, you can add prefixes, suffixes, or more extra characters. When this is done, you will be able to check the availability of your name on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

This YouTube name generator lets you create cool YouTube names effortlessly by generating random names for your vlog. Name Generator (NG) provides an easy to use tool that is specially designed to create characters using a combination of adjectives and specific video-related words such as channel, TV, vids, director, etc. To use this YouTube name generator tool, simply fill in the prefix and suffix and click on the generate button. Each time you click the generate button, it generates a new random YouTube name for selecting your favorite ones. 

Kparser YouTube name generator enables you to generate creative usernames using letters or unique words. This YouTube name generator lets you create a YouTube name and also allows users of the platform to choose their preferred country and language. To generate your YouTube name, simply enter one or more letters or keywords, each on a new line, and separate them with a comma. Choose the country and language and click on “Start” to generate a creative YouTube username. Kparser also has the advanced settings option, which allows you to type your text using alphabet, numbers, questions, and prepositions to create your username. 

Though it is originally a business name generator, the BNG YouTube generator has a smooth and intuitive design, which simplifies the process of generating names for your vlog. Developing YouTube names on BNG is a straightforward process. Simply enter words related to your business, product, or service into the business name generator search box and click on “Generate.” This will generate hundreds or thousands of business name suggestions. BNG also provides a vital tool that checks your chosen YouTube names for availability in domain names. 

The Nameboy YouTube name generator is one of the oldest and most famous YouTube name tools. To generate your unique name on Nameboy, enter a few keywords in the search bar and press “submit.” This YouTube channel name generator lets you pick a name by generating hundreds of name ideas with the keywords you have entered. Nameboy YouTube name generator uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combine words, prefixes, suffixes, random words, and keywords to suggest appealing YouTube names for your vlog.

This unique YouTube name generator uses popular prefix and suffix words to generate outstanding business name ideas. It allows you to customize your search by providing three main categories to make your name search effortless and straightforward – Random, Custom, and Languages. With the Random category, you can select the first word, last word, and the number of the word character. The Custom category lets you input the keyword, secondary word,  and the number of characters. Lastly, the Language category enables you to select your desired language, secondary word, and the number of characters.

The Name Mesh is a YouTube name generator that creates a username for you in three simple steps – generate, select, and buy. The Name Mesh tool lets you input 2-3 keywords or longer keywords to create company names and check domain availability. To use this service, simply enter your main keywords separated by space inside the search box and click on the “Generate” button. Name Mesh will provide you with hundreds of results in domain format, making it simple to check its availability for .com, .net, .org, .co, and other country-based domain name extensions. Likewise, the suggested names are divided into eight different naming techniques such as SEO, fun names, short names, etc. 

This YouTube name generator uses a set of questions to decide and choose an exciting name for your channel. You can choose from any of the categories of quizzes, genres, and tags, such as entertainment, technology, education, music, food, health, sport, travel, animals, relationship, living, politics, and more to create fun questions for generating a creative name for your vlog. By answering these questions, you’ll discover your interests and abilities. 

This name generator lets you enter your word and then pick from the list of categories to generate usernames made up of your typed word and other random words. To use this tool, enter your word or name in the search box, and choose from the list of categories including old English words, short words, silly words, verbs, or select “random category.” When this is done, press the “Go” button. When the form is submitted, you can choose from the additional options such as username length, starting letter, word position, and more to filter your search.

Shopify offers several services and tools, including a business name generator, to help you look professional and enable your customers to connect with your brand easily. To use this tool for your YouTube channel name, enter the keyword that you want to be included in the business name in the query search box, and press the “Generate Names” button. This will provide you with a comprehensive and explicit list of business name suggestions. Additionally, you can select any of the suggested names for your YouTube channel or vlog, and also check for the domain availability of the name chosen. 


The above list is a detailed list of the top 10 YouTube name generators that you can use to generate catchy and exciting names for your vlog. Any of these tools can provide you with a perfect name for your brand.